Saturday, June 29, 2013

July Currently

Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade has posted the July Currently a day early two days early (clearly I'm a teacher on summer vacation and don't know what day it is). I follow her blog page on facebook and was shocked to see how many people took advantage of her heads up and got their currently ready before the post went live. By the time I made it to her live post (basically right away), 22 people had already linked up! I should try that the next time!

I love these linky parties. I find so many new blogs through them. If you are new to blogging, this is definitely a party you want to join! 

Listening: I always have the TV on in the background, but I'm trying to force myself to write a paper so it's off. Clearly, there isn't a lot of paper writing happening at the moment...

Loving: My new blog look! I had to reset my HTML/CSS stuff because it was giving me a hard time. I took that as a reason to need a new look. I love how cleaned up everything is. I just want to stare at the pretty design. Okay, maybe that's a bit much, but still, I'm happy, happy, happy!

Thinking: I should really stop getting on facebook and pinterest and finish this work. I have 2 papers and a presentation due on Tuesday! 

Wanting: I would really love to have a nice DSLR camera, maybe a Cannon one. I ooo and ahh over all of the pretty pictures people use on their blog. I'd love to have a nice camera to use for my pictures too. It would also be an added plus for taking pictures with friends and family too of course!

Needing: I really need a new organization system for my blog design clients. Every time I close my waiting list I usually develop a new system before re-opening it. It's all a learning process for me to become better organized and stay on top of the designs. Hopefully not having to take a grad class for 6 months will help too! 

Tips, Trick, or Hints: I love this idea by the way! I think the biggest thing for me with my blog is not to force it. I want to enjoy my blog, I don't want to turn it into a chore. Sometimes I have something to post about every day, sometimes once a week, or maybe not for 2 weeks. Post when you have something, don't force it and feel like you need to post every day. That helps me still enjoy doing it! 

Now that I've finished my post I'll probably be lucky to be in the top 50 for the link up! Ha! Be sure to head over as fast as you can to get the blank template and join in!


Bethany Hunter said...

I love the new design, it looks great!

Hunter's Tales from Teaching

Teach It Today said...

Hi Erin! I think your new design is great! You did an awesome job! I agree about the morning birds. I thought the same thing this morning, but that's what I love about this time of year. Happy July!


Teach It Today said...

Oops! I'm Heather from TeachItToday

The Polished Teacher said...

I really want a nice camera too! I have had mine for 4 years and it's just not cutting it anymore. I used to think it was so impressive but now all those bells and whistles are nothing compared to the fancy cameras today!

Love your new blog design by the way! It's super cute! You can't do wrong with polka dots and chevron!

The Polished Teacher

Janice @PreK Partner said...

Love the colors and the overall look of your layout...very stylish!


Annie Moffatt said...

I am in LOVE with your new look, Erin!!

Emily said...

Your blog is really cute!

I Love My Classroom
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Britney Bennett said...

I start my grad class on Monday!!! Good luck!


tnw1988 said...

I think your tip is so true, and I am so glad to have read it on another blog! I have read before that blog posts should be consistent, like every Tuesday or whatever. I think that would make it feel like a chore. I just want to be able to post when I have something, and I think that is what most other bloggers do, too.

A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

Tara said...

Hi Erin:) Love your new blog design!!!! I have been thinking about getting a new one.....not sure....yours is awesome! I clicked on your instagram to make sure I follow you but it took me to your facebook fan page:) Already follow you there:)

4th Grade Frolics

Erin Lukas said...

Thanks Tara! I will have to fix that link!

The TechKnowledgey Teacher said...

I have to agree that I love the polka dots too, especially with the matching chevron! I am having mine redone right now and can't wait to see the finished product. I did notice the the chalkboard and batting for your bloglovin just took me to the photobucket picture not the page, but I did click the pink counter and was able to follow you from there! :-)

The TechKnowledgey Teacher Blog"

Erin Lukas said...

Thank you ladies for keeping me straight on my buttons!! I fixed that one now too! :)

Unknown said...

I want a nice camera too!!
Thanks for sharing about the Facebook heads up. I was wondering how it grew so quickly!
I don't ever plan on joining Facebook so I guess I'm missing out. Too bad.
Your new blog design is super cute!
Good luck completing your work and happy Fourth of July!

Mrs. Johnson said...

LOVE your new blog design! Absolutely adorable! :)

Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers

Margaux said...

So glad I found you through Farley's currently! I LOVE the colours of your blog design and I definitely know what you mean about trying to force things. I also read your "Meet the Teacher" post and totally agree about toilet paper being the wrong way. I live with four guys who just don't understand...

The Imaginary Classroom

Lindsay said...

I absolutely love your new design! So glad I found you through the currently link up!

Live Laugh & Learn in Second Grade

Hailey said...

I love your new design! Super is inspiring me to make some changes to my blog too! Hailey from Autism Tank

Azaam Shop Toys said...
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Marcy said...

I love your blog design. I am happy that I found your blog.


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