Monday, June 10, 2013

{Personal Post}- Clean Eating Update #2

I really enjoyed reading your comments on my first post about clean eating! It was nice that some of you are either clean eaters, or have tried it in the past, and my favorite was reading the comments about my how post has inspired you to either try clean eating, or jump start some healthy changes!

I also wanted to answer some of your questions too! So I'll jump right into that, then I want to give you some updates on how things are going now that I'm 2 weeks in to clean eating.

Q: Are you following a particular book or website?
A: No. I've done a lot of reading online by searching clean eating, or searching benefits of clean eating. The Gracious Pantry has been a really helpful website for me.

Q: Do you have a recipe for your granola?
A: Yes! It's actually from The Gracious Pantry too. Here's the link to the granola recipe. I used rolled oats to make mine, and added raisins to it after it was finished in the oven. Just check the ingredients on your raisins and make sure it's ONLY raisins! You can also add any type of nut you like, or take it out.

Clean Eating Granola
Picture from The Gracious Pantry

Q: Can you share the sources for your recipes?

A: Absolutely! I should have done that the first go around- duh! The pineapple chicken I mentioned in this post, is from The Gracious Pantry too--imagine that. Here's the link for that one. 

Clean Eating Slow Cooker Pineapple Chicken Verde
Picture from The Gracious Pantry

Please fee free to ask me questions whenever and I will answer them in my next clean eating post so that you are sure to see the responses!

Now, onto my update...things have been going really well! The cravings have definitely curbed and my boyfriend pointed out this amazing ice cream to me! Well, I say amazing because  I think it's delicious. He thinks it tastes like grass.

Now, depending on how strict you are being with your clean eating you might consider this to be a no no. But, for my take on clean eating, if I am absolutely craving a sweet that I just can't get away from, the ingredients list on this is not that offensive.
I mean, compare it to the ingredients list on the container of Eddy's my dad had in the freezer. Which one would you rather eat?

On my first post I mentioned my starting weight and my activity level. 
2 weeks in, my current weight is: 124.8
Now, remember, weight loss is not exactly my goal. Do I expect to lose a few pounds with this switch, yes. But if you want to lose more weight, there are clean eating diet options that you might want to look up.

I also ran my first 5k on the 8th too! My goal was to run the total 3.1 without stopping and I did it! Now I'm ready to bring on more 5k races!


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