Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday! #tbt

{who can resist a hashtag nowadays!?}

This is actually my FIRST throwback Thursday blog post. Can you believe that?! I'm all about #tbt on Instagram!

After you enjoy my throwback, make sure you click the picture to head over to The First Grade Parade. You can link up too, and checkout all of the other TBT posts!

Thought I'd pull something out of the archives that maybe a lot of your haven't seen before. It's one of my faves! If you have seen it, it's been in the "background" of my classroom pictures. Now you can find out more!

Original Post on 7/3/11

This is a throwback post to before I had a blog (HA, a throwback within a throwback! who knew?!) Last summer I painted the entire alphabet for my classroom. I found paper mache letters at Jo-Anns and couldn't wait to start my alphabet. How fun would it have been to blog about each letter as it was finished?! I thought you might enjoy seeing them & be inspired to paint your own set for your classroom!

A is for apple.
B is for blue.
C is for cow.
D is for doughnut. 

E is for egg.
F is for flower.
G is for green.
H is for heart.

I is for ice cream.
J is for jelly fish.
K is for kite.
L is for ladybug.

No, I did not paint Nemo. I mod podged photos on. I'm not THAT good.

M is for moon.
N is for Nemo.
O is for orange.
P is for purple.

Q is for quilt.
R is for red.
S is for sun.
T is for turtle. 
(boyfriend said they looked like toasters. thanks.)

U is for umbrella.
V is for vine.
W is for watermelon.
X is for xylophone.

Y is for yellow.
Z is for zebra.

I gradually made these over the summer months last year. I was fortunate that my classroom conveniently already had hooks around the wall and it was PERFECT for hanging these. If you look at the picture below, you can see them hanging around the ceiling.

I varied the heights that I hung them at so I didn't have to stress over them being even or not. 

Have you taken on any large projects for your classroom recently?
P.S. What do yall think about my HORRIBLE photos for each letter?!? AHhHHhhhh! I'd love to prop those babies up in some natural daylight and get better pictures. (But that would mean taking them down from the wall....)


Kate said...

These are adorable!
Fun in ECSE

Tania said...

I am too lazy to take on something as big as this. WOW is all I can say. Every letter looks perfect!
My Second Sense

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