Wednesday, August 07, 2013

My First Donors Choose Project

Have you ever posted a project on Donors Choose before? I have donated to projects before, but I can't help but always think, there are SO many projects out there that need funding, how in the world do they all actually get funded? There have to be some that don't, which is sad, because we know how much teachers spend of their own money on their classrooms and students each and every year.

I guess you go into Donors Choose with a positive outlook and are hopeful that your project will be funded. All you can know is, that if I don't at least try it, I'll never know if it actually would have been funded or not. At least that's my mentality. I'm optimistic.

About 2 weeks ago I ordered this amazing book on setting up a classroom for students with Autism. Obviously something I've done before, but something I am ALWAYS looking for new techniques and strategies for. 

One of the authors actually is a blogger over at Autsim Classroom News , another awesome resource for working with students with Autism. This blog is filled with lots of great ideas, and so is this book!

Autism Classroom News

While reading it, I came across these amazing things being used in the photographs. Edutrays! I had NEVER even heard of these things before. I literally had an ah-ha moment. So that's what those silly cube chairs are used for!

I have cube chairs in my classroom right now. Always thought they were a little odd, but never really thought that they could have a matching table top component to them. And how perfect are these for working one on one on instructional trials??! They define the space for the student perfectly and they aren't restraining. All a student would have to do is stand up and the tray would come right off.

I just know for sure I could make good use of these in my classroom and make better use of the cube chairs we already have. At $77 a piece though they are a little steep for my pockets. This is when I immediately thought of Donors Choose. And now, until August 13th they will match any donation made dollar for dollar if you use the code INSPIRE. Wow!

If you are at all interested in donating, or just checking out the project that I posted here's the link:

I could be beyond appreciative if you donate, but please don't feel like you have to. I would just love to take advantage of that dollar for dollar match! 

Fingers crossed this is successful! Have you had any projects funded recently??

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