Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week: Meet the Teacher Monday

At first thought, I wondered, really, what can I offer my readers when it comes to "Meet the Teacher" that they wouldn't already know? I mean, this topic could be a little redundant. Then I thought of my new followers, then I thought of all of the weird and random things about me that you probably really don't know. And we all love to be nosey. Hence the premise for this topic, right?

Let's get right down to it, shall we?

1. I dislike odd numbers. I don't know why, I just do. I can handle the number 1. It's cool. But other than that, there should always be even numbers. Unless you're decorating. Odd numbers balance out for decorating. That's maybe the one exception.

2. I'm funny about touch textures. I hate the feeling of newspaper and forget it if the pages of a book feel the same way. Not happening. I also don't like to get my hands wet. I have to "mentally commit" to getting them wet, then it's okay. I will always try and rinse out a cup or anything first without getting them wet.

...I told you these were weird and random things didn't I!

3. I cannot stand repetitive noises; i.e. tapping of pencils, clicking of pens, tapping your nails on things (cough, cough, MOM!--always taps her fingernails on things in the car) Fortunately crying doesn't fit into this category for me or else I might have to quit my job.

4. I re-paint my nails probably 2 times a week if I don't have a shellac manicure done. I hate chipped nails. 1 chip and we're done. It's all down hill from there. I will chip away at the remaining polish, then have to repaint them. It's really in the best interest of my time to just get manicures, but not always in the best interest of my wallet. 

5. I love sour patch kids. The berry flavors are my favorite. I started clean eating and now I can't eat them anymore. They were the last thing I ate before I changed my diet and in the last 11 weeks, I've only had 1 bag. I was hoping I wouldn't like the taste anymore, but that wasn't the case. I enjoyed every little bite. nom. nom.

6. I don't like pencils. I've never liked writing in pencils. I was always trying to use a pen whenever I could in school. I don't know why, but I don't like the way that they write or how my hand writing looks when I use them. I'd much rather use a pen and scribble out a mistake. Erasable pens? Nope.

7. I've always had a white car. I'm on my 3rd car and it's white too. I debated really hard about getting a different color, but was too chicken I just wouldn't like it. I guess it's just a white SUV kinda life for me.

8. I like the strangest TV shows, or so I think. My favorite TV series are The Walking Dead (yes, zombies), Big Bang Theory, Under the Dome, and just recently I got hooked on Breaking Bad. I need to go back and watch the first 4 seasons though. My birthday is on Wednesday--anyone looking to get me a gift?

9. If I find a piece of clothing I really like, chances are I own it in more than 1 color/pattern/print. I love lots of tops from J.Crew, not to mention a solid color can match tons of things. Chances are I have it in at least 3 different colors. Favorite shoes? Have them in 3 different color options too.

10. I'm allergic to nickel. Jewelry or anything with nickel in it will make my skin break out. It's gotten much better the older I have gotten. I remember getting a rash on the back of my legs in elementary school from those little metal things on the chairs. Pitiful I know.

Well, there you have it. 10 really weird and random things about me. Hopefully things you didn't already know--I want this post to be at least somewhat interesting to you! ;) 

Now, grab the button and link up too if you'd like. I'm off to find out if any of you are any weirder than I am...


Kandice from: TimeTwoTeach said...

I totally agree with your no-chip nail polish policy! I hate that! : ) check out my blog:

Miss Kindergarten said...

Love your random facts and learning more about you! You have and always will be one of my most favorite bloggers! We will always share our love for a good font! Haha! Love ya girl!

Science Teaching Junkie said...

You say no erasable pens, but have you tried the new Frixion pens? It might be a life-changing event for you! I admire the list of randomness you put together. Under normal circumstances, one may say that you are quite abnormal, but I have so many strange quirks (that seem pretty normal to me), I'm not sure I could come up with a list. My husband and friends probably could though. :)

Amanda said...

Fun facts!!!! :) Love them... and your new blog design!

Jodi said...

I love your list :)

Erin Lukas said...

hahah thanks everyone for enjoying my really random facts!!

Gladys said...

Love your fun facts! :)

The Polished Teacher said...

We might be the same person because your numbers 1, 2 and 3 apply to me too! Repetitive noises and odd numbers are the worst!


Mandi Moore said...

Umm can we be best friends?! Lol We're like the same person! I have a serious issue with having a chip in my polish, it ruins my whole day if I can't get to some polish remover! And I am so annoyed with repetitive sounds and movements! My poor husband gets a sush from me probably 3-5 times a day! And I love the shows too, except Breaking Bad.. and I know it just started and everyone keeps telling me I would love it, so I think I'm going to Netflix it and try and catch up!

Love your blog!

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Brandy said...

Numbers 2, 3, and 9 are identical to me. Not similar. IDENTICAL!

Jess said...

I love sour patch kids so much! I love the watermelon ones the best. If I open a pack chances are I'm going to eat them all. I also love Breaking Bad and I'm sad hubby and I missed the premiere last night. We thought it was on at a different time. I loved reading about you!
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Natalie said...

Walking Dead is amazing and Breaking Bad is my jam! They have all the seasons on Netflix..that's where I caught up on it!

Teachery Tidbits

Amanda Schreiber said...

My boyfriend and I have three can't miss shows and they are Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones... We love those shows! They're the best!

I love writing in markers! My principal once made fun of me for bring markers to a meeting to take notes. I just prefer them. But I will write in my pencil in planner -- only because I hate white out more. I feel your pain.

It was so great getting to know you. Can't wait to check out more of your blog!

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Anonymous said...

I hate hopping, so I Leo buy the same shirt, pants, etc. in different colors!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness - someone else with the whole odd number OCD. I can't handle odd numbers either. We have 2 kids and everyone asks if we're going to have any more. I have to tell them no because then we would have an odd number in our family and I can't handle that, lol!
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