Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to School Unit Update!

Do you remember the very first unit you ever posted on TpT? It felt pretty awesome to get a product like that on there didn't it! I know I was so happy with mine, so excited to have put together a "larger" item. 

Then we all continue to grow and learn and start making our units a little better each time. I've certainly come a long way since my first unit, and I've very excited to have finally updated it!

From This:

To This:

And that's just the cover! Even the actual activities are a million times better! I kept some of what was in the original unit, but revamped it with different clip art or fonts, or added to it. I also added some new activities. If you previously purchased this item from my store you definitely want to make sure you download the new updated version! And if you don't already own it, check out what's included to see if it's something you'd love to buy for your classroom!

Did you previously purchase this item from me? How excited are you to have it finally updated!?


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