Sunday, December 01, 2013

Currently December!

It's been a few months since I have linked it up for a currently, but they are fun and a great way to find new blogs. If you are a new blogger, you NEED to be linking up for this and you NEED to do it every month!

I'm working on finishing up a new product in my TpT store and if I have time I'd like to update a mini unit before the sale tomorrow! It's always refreshing to have something new to shop for from your favorite sellers, right?!

Don't miss out on Cyber Monday! I'll be posting about my new item first thing tomorrow!

...and yes, we are going DECEMBER! We went the year before last with friends (going with the same friends again) and it's a ton of fun, but COLD! There's only a fire place in the cabin to keep us warm. I'm hoping on finding a good cyber Monday deal on a cold weather sleeping bag tomorrow! Have any suggestions??

And my favorite tradition...while it "ended" for my sisters and I last year, is matching Christmas PJs! I say it "ended" because our mom gave us each our own quilt made of PJs from years and years past, last year for Christmas.

Ahem..excuse the Christmas morning lovliness of this photo...

We even had some years where we literally ALL matched...aunts, cousins, nieces and all!

As silly as I thought this tradition was growing up, it sure makes for great memories to have and I love our quilts! My sister is already continuing this tradition with her own family and I hope to do the same in the future when I have a family too.

Now I know you are ready to link up for the fun! Head over and see Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade to get the template and join the par-tay! 


Susan said...

We have many pictures of us lined up in front of the fireplace too. My sister has continued it with her boys, all matching pajamas. Even though they are late high school and military now, they still happily line up and pose for her - in their matching pajamas. Merry Christmas!

Pam said...

I love the matching PJs tradition! So fun. :)

Mary Bauer said...

Camping in December in a cabin sounds cozy. I hope you get a good sleeping bag.

Erin said...

What a sweet tradition! Happy Holidays!
Short and Sassy Teacher

Lindsay said...

What a fun tradition! & how sweet that your mom made you all quilts filled with so many memories!

Live Laugh & Learn in Second Grade

Tania said...

What an amazing tradition! You guys look adorable and the quilt...priceless. Can I borrow your mom?
My Second Sense

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