Sunday, December 08, 2013

Holiday eBook: Pre-K & K Edition!

Have you seen it yet?! The Holiday eBook for pre-k and k is out! 

Not only am I excited to check out all of the holiday tips and grab the freebies, but I'm also excited that I was featured in it! 

If you haven't downloaded it yet, you'll want to {click here}
Remember, it's a free download full of free ideas! 

Here were some of my favorites:

From Michelle Griffo at Apples & ABCs

I LOVE her holiday management tip about decorating a tree. My kids would love this. We're doing a candy cane countdown and they are so excited to see who gets to take home the candy cane each day. If they got to decorate a tree-- my oh my! Definitely will have to try this one next year!

From Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies

She always has the cutest craft ideas! I love this burlap snowman! What a great keepsake for parents to have from their kiddos. I think the use of the burlap and raffia give it a nice touch. Something that will last for years to come! And the cute holiday ornaments too! Have to download that!

From Lidia Barbosa at Kinder Alphabet

I seriously love hand crafts! They are so fun to look back on when you are older. I know my parents still have some of mine and it's fun to put it up to my own hand. (ok- maybe that's just me) But this reindeer ornament is super cute!

Love her snowman incentive idea. You could really do this with anything, not just reading books. The students would love making something like this together. I think this could also be turned into a behavior management idea! Maybe a good one for AFTER the holidays when they return to school after being off for almost 2 weeks! Eek!

These are just a few of the amazing ideas in the ebook. Seriously. You need to download this! If you've downloaded it already, what was one of your favorite activities?

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