Sunday, February 16, 2014

The {perfect} Student Gift- Valentine's Day

 Okay, I drafted this post FOREVER ago. In fact, I "scheduled" myself to post it on February 6th. Well between life and snow that didn't happen. I know valentine's day has come and gone, but maybe you're like me and STILL haven't passed out student valentines because of the weather!

By now I'm sure you've seen tons and tons of ideas on Pinterest for valentines day cards and gifts. Homemade cards to homemade treats. I love giving my students a little something and I love to make homemade cards for them. I've pinned tons of ideas in the last few weeks, but this one stuck with me.
{clicking the photo will take you to U Create where you can download her freebie}

Next thing I know I'm in Micheal's shopping for floral foam and decorative sticks (that's what you call those right?) and I'm picking up the supplies to make these cards.

It helped that the valentine's day scrap booking section was 50% off too. (or maybe 40%)

I can't take credit for the idea obviously...I have to give all the credit to U Create. I did however tweak the idea to include this fun Valentine's Day scrap booking paper and made my own printable with some of my favorite fonts.

There are so many adorable ideas out there for Valentine's this year! It's so hard to pick just one. Here are some of my other favorite pins for V-day cards!



Tara said...

Those are absolutely adorable! Your kids are going to love them:)

4th Grade Frolics


I made something very similar for my students, Michael's was out of the tube bubbles so I adapted. I am going to post them next week, if it ever stops snowing long enough to go to school.
Frampton's FUNdamentals

Just Wild About Teaching said...

This came out so darn cute!! We didn't celebrate V-Day this year because of the snow, but will have to pin for next year. =)

Just Wild About Teaching

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