Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dollar Saving Teachers {Part 4}

Okay Okay sorry if I kept you waiting! I dropped the ball again on getting the next dollar savings post up! I was a little pre-occupied with cleaning and cooking for a BBQ and having house guests! But now they're gone, I've had a nap, AND caught up on e-mails, so time to get my blogging ducks in a row.

Idea number four is another activity that I will use in a task box. Again, super simple and easy to put together. Teacher Created Resources has a huge selection of stickers on their website. My students love farm animals, so I went with those.

I found these small containers at Dollar General and they were 3 for $1 and the ping pong balls came from the Dollar Tree. A pack of 8 for $1. These are great for creative ideas, but I wouldn't buy them to actually play ping pong with, they didn't seem very durable for that!

I bought the plastic containers in three different colors. You don't need three different colors for this activity, it was just a great deal so I bought all three colors they had. You DO need three containers for this activity though.

I'm sure this is pretty self-explanatory from looking at the picture, but I created a sorting activity. I picked three different stickers to use; the cow, the chick, and the pig. I labeled a container on the front and the bottom with a sticker. Then placed the stickers on the ping pong balls. Students look at the sticker on the ball and put it in the correct container. Voila- sorting by picture task box!

Because I bought three different colored containers it made the price of this one a little bit more. You could easily take $2.00 off the final cost by just using one color.

Containers: $3 (3/$1)
Ping pong balls: $2 ($1 for a pack of 8)
Stickers: $2.29
Total: $7.29

Now I'm going to go and write the part 5 of these post and schedule it for tomorrow, so I won't forget!

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AmySue said...

How long would your students take with this activity? It seems simple enough that they can figure out how to do it, but is it so simple that they zip through it? Did you find that your students wanted to do it again and again? 5 minutes? 10?

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