Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Week {Tuesday}

Today for our Brown Bear activity, we went on a scavenger hunt! 

I made large circles with each story character on them. For the purposes of my group, we only went on a hunt for 3 of the different animals.

Next I taped one picture of each animal onto a paper plate. This was where the animals went once they were found. If a child found a red bird, they would go and place it on the paper plate, then go and look for another animal. My focus with this activity was create a game with movement, where the students could show their ability to follow directions.

They did really well with it!

Following the scavenger hunt, we counted how many of each animal we had by laying them out in a horizontal row on the rug, one animal under the other. I then called a student up to, for example, "show me the animal with 6 circles", and so on until we had collected all of our pictures.

I've actually posted this little product in my TpT store if you're interested. The pack includes all animals in circles for hiding, as well as, some additional pages for a graphing activity at the end. Graphing wasn't appropriate for my kiddos, but it might be for yours! You can see the graphing options that are available in the preview images on TpT! {Click here to find it in my store}

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