Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Week {Wednesday}

Today we complete an interactive brown bear reader that I found on TpT,  I love it! We completed it as a group, taking turns coming up to fill in the pages, but this would also be great to do one on one with a child to assess multiple skills. Answering "wh-" questions, identifying colors, identifying animals, etc.

The reader actually didn't come with a cover page for the book itself. Or at least for the way I choose to set the book up. So I took the cover page of the product and just chopped it to size. Did the trick for me.

Following our interactive reader, we got to finger paint! I used the images from the adaptive book to create this finger painting page. This was our first time painting and they enjoyed it. I only have 3 students when we did this activity so it was super manageable. Finger painting is a great sensory experience for the kiddos-- especially those guys who are typically less than thrilled to get their hands messy. This can be a fun, quick, activity that helps them cope with that and realize it's okay to get our hands messy.

While we waited for our lunch we also did a sequencing activity on the smartboard while we re-reviewed our adaptive book.

I found this activity on Smart Exchange. If you've never been there before definitely go check it out! People post all kinds of stuff they've made for Smart Notebook and you can download them to use in your classroom.

Tomorrow is Thursday and my students last day of school for the week. We will be exploring a music activity with colors. Each day this week had a different focus. Monday: story/book Tuesday: movement Wednesday: art and Thursday: music. I'm hoping to keep a similiar breakdown for our large group activities each week. It is a little tricky to consider it a "large group" when there are only 3 children during this time of the day. I sometimes struggle with making sure they are each engaged in what we are doing. Finger painting- successful for engagement for sure. What are some activities you do together with small numbers of 3-5 special needs students?

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Kathryn said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Putting the adapted book on my TPT wishlist for next year!

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