Monday, September 01, 2014

Student Information Forms

At the beginning of every school year there is always essential information that we need to collect from parents. Contact info, allergy information, bus info, etc. When I first started teaching pre-school I began with this form, found for {free} in my TpT store. Important Student Information Sheet

This form has been downloaded a lot and I'm frequently asked about a version that does not include the potty training information. Unfortunately, this page is free, so I'm not taking editing requests.

Over the past two years as my student population has changed, so have my information needs. Working with students with autism, I find myself in need of MORE information. Really, the more, the better, especially when students are new. The better understanding I can have of your child from week 1, the better the transition will be for them into the classroom.

I've also decided that I don't necessarily need the transportation info asked for on this form. I get transportation info from the office when we are given bus numbers, and typically are informed of any before or after school care placements during the IEP meeting.

I've created some new forms to ask for my families to complete. Total there are three forms with a cover page that they will get in their child's folder.

{Photo soon to come.....once I get more black ink! OOPS!...or print at school. That will probably happen first!}

The first page, I did include two options for you. One with potty training, or one without.

AND if you are using the form without the potty training information, most likely you aren't in need of collecting some of the other information included on the other two pages. Therefore, I replaced the potty training section with a simple favorites section.

If you are interested in using the other two form options, let me tell you what information they request. "Help Me!" page one, includes a few favorites questions, a section with favorites where caregivers check the box next to the item if it is something their child likes, and lastly- communication. How does your child communicate certain things to you? I love this section-- a lot of my students have low communication skills, and it will be great to have this information up front rather than sending home another form to the families a few weeks later.

"Help Me Con't!" includes more questions for the caregivers to fill in. This page asks about edible reinforcers and sleeping patterns. Two more sections of info I love to get from the families as soon as I can.

We use edible reinforcement frequently, in very small serving sizes. This will help give me a head start to what to include in a reinforcer inventory and allow me to identify the strongest reinforcers for each child early in the game. This form also gives families the option to place limits and restrictions on what their child gets as an edible reinforcer-- which I think is very important.

I always ask my families how their child sleeps at night and ask them to let me know in our communication books if their child didn't sleep well the night before. Maybe they were up and down all night, or they simply woke up at 4am and never went back to sleep. This is really helpful for me, so that when their child appears sluggish during the school day around lunch time, or their behavior goes a little south, I can remind myself that they didn't sleep well.

I'm looking forward to getting a jump start on gathering extra information this year and sending parents home with this packet at open house. Hopefully they'll return it the first day of school! I've put this info pack up in my TpT store. It's only 3 sheets (4 including cover page), but these forms were very time consuming to create, therefore, this is a priced product, not a freebie. I hope I've priced it accordingly.



Bumblebees R Us Day Care Center said...

I love the drawings! This will surely appeal not only to kids but to parents as well. Really nice and the options deserve to get printed.

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