Monday, October 13, 2014

Just Call Me Butter, Cause I'm on a Roll!

haha! I can't help stay away from all things corny, but seriously, since Friday I've gotten so much done TpT wise that my own mind is blown! I mentioned 1 of them on my Facebook page over the weekend, but I want to make sure the others are brought to your attention too!

I mean, come on, what kind of teacher blogger would I be if I wasn't posting about my products ;)

Let's start with the facelifts.

I updated my Pumpkin Patch Dramatic Play Kit and my Frog Themed Birthday Bulletin Board. Both packs got a facelift with new clipart and design styles. Updating the Frog Themed Birthday Bulletin Board was totally random and on a whim. I scrolled past it in my TpT store and the product didn't even have a cover! I'd always thought the images I used for the months were hard to cut out so I simplified that too.

Next on the agenda- I revised my Editable Daily Parent Communication Pack to include a half day option. There is now an editable sheet for half day morning students and half day afternoon students. I decided I needed that this year in my life to simplify things. I have 3 AM half days, 3 PM half days, and 3 full day students. Today was my first day using the half sheets and I much preferred it! Hopefully they're a helpful addition to the file for you!

THEN there are NEW products that I got uploaded. Seriously. I wasn't joking when I said I was on a roll. I had a customer request for specific visual conversation supports that covered the various animal groups. Since this was very specific I decided to group them into their own product. If this at all interests you, it is available!

AND last but not least, how about some HALLOWEEN themed cookie tray activities! I managed to squeeze 2 and a half weeks worth of activities for my own classroom out of my Fall Cookie Tray Activities with some sheets left over. I've put together a pack of Halloween Themed Cookie Tray Activities to get me through the final weeks of October. If you loved the fall ones, you'll need to add these to your collection too! 

Looking to snag a deal? Get each one of my cookie tray packs on sale through Thursday only! Click the links above to check them out!


Glimmers of learning said...

Oh my goodness! Looks like I've got some things to buy! Where or who do you buy your clip art from? Do you have a favorite seller>

Erin Lukas said...

I have a variety of favorite sellers! I have a TON from Creative Clips- TpT username is Krista Wallden. I also love Melonheadz and have a growing collection of Whimsy Clips or Educlips too! All can be found on TpT.

Miss Kindergarten said...

Hahhaha your title!!!!

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