Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Assessment Rings and a {FREEBIE}

I'm so excited to show off this new product to you. I couldn't wait to get it done and I can't wait to continue to make more. I'm kind of obsessed with binder rings at the moment so voila! Assessment rings have been created!

I have taken basic skills and created an assessment ring for each one. The first ring set assesses on colors and includes seven different question sets. I have quite a few students that require receptive assessment and using these rings makes it so easy to quickly assess them, gather my data and move on.

I chose to combine all seven question sets onto one ring and used tabbed cards to separate each section. This product allows you to do just that as well, OR you can create a ring for each question set and use the cover cards without tabs on them.

The colors ring has the following question sets:
1. Naming colors
2. Identifying colors from a field of 2
3. Identifying colors from a field of 3
4. Identifying color words (with words in their color)
5. Identifying color words (with words in B&W)
6. Identifying a color object from a field of 2
7. Identifying a color object from a field of 3

If want to try this product before you buy it, download the freebie! The freebie includes 1 question set for naming colors. There is also a cover card with and without tabs.


Hopefully you're still following along in this monthly hop from some pretty awesome special educators! I'm excited to bring you the freebie above for my day and am looking forward to seeing what else there is to come! Keep hopping along with us!

The next set of Assessment Ring cards will be on shapes. I hope to have it finished up soon!


Nicole Leger said...

I love this idea! And I also love your blog template! Who did you use for the design?

Unknown said...

Hello! I am a kindergarten teacher in Ohio. I would LOVE these assessment rings for my classroom! Do you think you might be "expanding" them to different grade levels? Please?! Thanks for taking time to read my request! :0) Maribeth

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