Sunday, February 08, 2015

Valentine's Themed Cookie Trays

I'm kind of moving at a snails pace with these cookie tray activities. Not because I don't love them or don't need them in my classroom, but because I'm also working on some other items that I'm just a wee bit more excited about. So of course I want to get them finished too so I can share those with you.

Cookie trays are a crucial piece to our classroom routine, BUT I feel like that is ALL I've been creating lately because they are time consuming. I posted the pack to my TpT store last weekend at the low price of $3.75 because the pack only had 14 activities. I've added 14 more and now it is $4.25. I'll probably be adding to this pack on a weekly basis. As I add more activities, the price will continue to go up. The sooner you buy the more you'll save! You just need to download the revised version each time more activities are added!

I just revised the file to include 14 more activity pages. If you already have the file, just head to TpT to download the revised version. If you haven't bought these cookie tray activities yet, what are you waiting for?! 

Have some activity suggestions you'd love to see included? Let me know!


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