Sunday, March 08, 2015

{2} More Assessment Rings!

I blogged about my first set of assessment rings a few weeks ago. The first set was on colors. I'm super excited to now have my sets on shapes and common objects complete and ready to share with you!

The whole idea behind these rings is quick and easy assessment. Store your rings somewhere easily accessible, with your data sheets near by. You should be able to grab your ring, assess, and move on. As I mentioned in my first post on the colors ring, a lot of my students require receptive assessment. Another thing these rings are awesome for.

If you own the colors assessment set already you'll probably want to re-download it. I have added a data sheet to that file, and the new ring sets each come with a data sheet to use too.

I also shared in my first post how I put my rings together. You can chose to do 1 ring per question set, or put them all on one ring using the tabbed dividers for each question set. That's my preference.

Click on each picture below to find each of these assessment sets in my TpT store. The colors set includes 7 question sets, and the shapes and common objects sets include 5 question sets each.

Purchase them individually for a total of $6.50 or buy the bundle for $5!

Colors Assessment RingShapes Assessment RingAssessment Ring Common ObjectsImage HTML map generator



Kelly T. said...

How wonderful!! I have several students in my classroom that these would be great for! Will you be making more?

Erin Lukas said...

Yes Kelly! I have a list of ideas. Next I plan to start working on Numbers. I also have body parts on my list too.

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