Saturday, September 12, 2015

How I {Currently} Organize my PECS

Over the years I've tried several different ways to organize my PECS pictures. Each time I have a new idea I think it's the final one. I'm finally set on my organization system and I'm sticking to it. I once organized them this way, then tried 2 more ways, and went back to this one.

I think there are so many great systems out there for this, it's just all about finding the perfect fit for you and your classroom.

In 2013 I wrote a post on my first storage solution. You can read it {here}. I loved these little containers but I basically out grew what storage I had available and I couldn't find anymore. I've since seen more of these in the stores, but I gave these containers to another teacher to use once I stopped using them.

I was contacted by a company a while back to do a review on a need product they had created-- The Success Box. I LOVED it. This is a really awesome tool and the binder they create is awesome as well. The company also employees adults with special needs which makes them even more awesome. The success box fit our needs well, I was able to combine most of the bead boxes I was using prior, into 1 success box. I had intentions of using the binder for when we did home visits, but I never set it up for that. I think the binders are perfect for storing other manipulatives that you might use during a calendar or greeting time with your kiddos.

Inside the Success Box are tabbed dividers with pockets attached to them-- how cool! The binder is the same thing, just with holes to insert it into the binder. 

 If you click {here} it will take you to their website to see some usage examples fot the Success Box. There are some great ideas-- things I had not thought of!

After some time with our Success Box I decided bead boxes it was. I purchased more of them since our stock pile had grown and sorted them all back into the boxes. I'll be honest, I forgot to take pictures of my boxes for this post so these are old pictures. Currently my boxes are labeled on the sides with colored masking tape and stored on a shelf. All the food boxes are with one color tape, classroom items another color, related service items a different color. You get the idea. When I do my classroom tour photos, I'll try to remember to snap a close up. 

There are so many more ideas out there for PECS storage. I tried the baseball card holder thing for about 20 minutes and then returned the baseball card sleeves to the store. I keep all my extra images pre-laminated so I quickly put them to use so they slid out of the card holders even more easily.

Here are some great ideas from Erin at You Aut-a-Know


and Caitlin at Learning Ahoy


Do you have any other great ideas for storing PECS pictures? We'd love to hear them! Share a link in the comments if you've blogged about your system too!



Kelly T. said...

Where did you get those bead boxes? Is that something that could be found at Michael's/Joann? Love that storage idea!! Mine are all currently sliding around in my desk, in random ziploc bags, probably on the floor... ;)

Erin Lukas said...

Yes, Kelly! I got them at Michael's. Sometimes you can catch them on sale and I stock up. I also will put more than one picture into a square sometimes too if they are similiar items. i.e. therapy ball/peanut ball.

Rae said...

Love the storage idea! I hadn't heard of The Success Box but I'm so intrigued! Thanks for posting this :)

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Jack said...

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Dillan Johns said...

Appreciate this blog post

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