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Sensory TheraPlay Box! -- March Review

Some time ago I came across a company callled "Sensory TheraPlay" on Instagram and was quite intrigued.

Sensory TheraPlay is a monthly subscription box that comes with a variety of sensory and fine motor activities. Each monthly subscription box includes different items. You also get an information card in the box with more detail about the items included.

Screenshot taken from their website
As a special education teacher working primarily with students with autism spectrum disorder I thought this box was an ingenious idea! What an awesome way to get fun sensory products delivered to your door--awesome for both parents and educators. AND it was created by an occupational therapist, so there is some legit thought going into the selection of items for the box and nothing just willy nilly.

As a teacher I see the Sensory TheraPlay box as a way to check out new sensory materials for my students without the time and hassle of searching the internet for hours. I can check out new items, try them out with the students, and if something is a hit the box has given me the information I need to find more.

While I was immediately thrilled about this idea and wanted it right away, I decided to wait a little while before subscribing. To be 100% honest the price was a bit of a turnoff for me. I started following them on Instagram and thought I'd give it some time. If it was something I kept thinking about I would subscribe at a later date.

Their Instagram feed kept getting my attention and I was often wondering where in the world do they find some of this stuff?!

Screenshot taken from their Instagram page
I finally decided to subscribe for my first box to be delivered back in March 2017. I received 10% off my first box, which truthfully, covers the shipping fee. I was excited for my box to arrive and the opportunity to give my readers a true review of this subscription box.

Boxes ship the first week of every month and arrive pretty quickly. I'm always excited to dive right in! When my first box came I almost forgot about taking pictures as I was opening it so I could capture the "experience of the subscription" --ha, was that corny?

Each box is filled with green and purple paper shred so keep that in mind when opening. It is easy to keep it contained, but a good heads up if you have a little one going through the box with you.

Above is the box when it arrives and next was what I found when I opened it up! This box contained 8 items inside. (Amount of items per month does vary!)

On top I found some play foam. I've used this before in the classroom and the kids love it. I've used a different brand though, which sometimes became a little too sticky so it will be nice to see how this one measures up. The odd ball is a stress ball that I would say is filled with super tiny microbeads. About the size of sand, but a different texture. Squeezing it and playing around with it makes a "slush" sound. 

The next 3 items I honestly was not thrilled about. Subscribing to the box from a classroom perspective these 3 items aren't easily incorporated, however, I do think they would be enjoyable for a student at home. That's not to say it would be impossible to use them in the classroom, I did think of some suggestions. 

The Watermelon Jelly Soap smells ahhhh-mazing and it really is like jelly. You could use this in the classroom as part of hand washing to make it fun. It keeps its shape out of the container. 

The SoapSox Alligator is basically a fun washcloth. Could be used to make cleaning/washing interesting for reluctant littles in the classroom. 

The Surprise Bath Bomb is awesome because DUH there's a surprise inside! This particular one has a dinosaur hidden. For the classroom you could incorporate that into science with an hypothesis, observation, and conclusion recording sheet. 

The last 3 items in my box are great for the classroom! The Everfloat Paperweight (fishtank) is a great visual sensory item. The fish never submerge in the blue water! I think this sensory item would be a great addition to a calm down kit or added to a break area. 

The Mega Stretch Frog is so neat! I made my husband try it out with me because I thought there is no way this thing stretches out to 5ft! I didn't get an official measurement, but was still impressed! If you hold each back foot and stretch you will be shocked by how far this thing can really go! While I don't recommend using it this way in the classroom, it's also pretty fun to stretch back and fling at people, haha! 

Lastly, I found the Color Blast activity book at the bottom of my box. These remind me a little bit of Color Wonder pages except the color is already on the page, you just need to marker to make it show up! Exciting way to get in some extra fine motor practice. 

Now that I've shared with you everything that came in my March box I know you're wondering-- What's this subscription going to cost me? 

Like I said previously, the initial price deterred me at first. Each box is $39.95 plus shipping if you pay month by month. You can get a 3 month subscription for $113.85 plus shipping, which makes each box $37.95. 

Thinking about spending $40 a month on a subscription box with NO CLUE what's inside does seem a little steep at first, but I must say, I truthfully (as this is NOT a compensated review) have been very pleased with the items I've received from my first 2 boxes. From doing just a small amount of research, if I were to buy each item in my box myself I'm almost positive I'd spend more than I did on the box itself. 

I'm not sure if items from previous boxes are even duplicated, although I'd love to snag some "ziggy pasta" that I saw on their Instagram page! Tell me this doesn't look awesome?!

Image result for ziggy pasta

I kept my subscription going after my first box and received box number 2 in April, which I plan to share with you as well! The box for May should be shipping out this week-- can't wait to see what's inside! 

What do you think of the Sensory TheraPlay Box? Let me know in the comments!


Karyn said...

Thanks for sharing this! This subscription box looks very intriguing! I can't wait to see what the next month's box brings! I do agree that the price is prohibitive...I'd love to subscribe but it's not in the budget yet!

Catherine Brooke said...

Exciting unboxing experience! Marchs Sensory TheraPlay Box exceeded expectations with a variety of engaging sensory items. Perfect for promoting sensory development and fine motor skills in young learners. As a Postgraduate assignment help student, I see immense potential for incorporating these tools into assignments to enhance learning experiences and cater to diverse needs."

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