Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sensory TheraPlay Box!-- May Review

Again, I know it's the wrong month, haha but I want to share what came in my box for the month of May and then I will be doing a LIVE opening of my June box on either Instagram or Facebook, but I promise I'll announce where before I do it.

I've been very patiently waiting and waiting to open up that box so I can do it live for you guys. Doesn't seem right to do it before I share what items came in my box for the month of May.

If you've been following along on my other boxes you know that each month the box includes a different amount of items. This months box included 6 items. My favorite thing item in this box was the discovery putty, but let me share the others first!

When I first opened my box I found my item card right on top with details about each item included. I always set this to the side because I like finding the items first THEN looking back at the card.

Once I moved the card to the side and some of the crinkle paper I came across the Squigglets Wearable Critters.

I've seen these before but do not own any that you can put on so I was happy to find this little guy. I'm saving him for next school year when I replenish my bucket of "squishy toys". I threw them ALL away this year. They were nasty, popped, and just needed to go. It takes a while to build a decent collection of these guys so I will be excited for anything similiar I find in my boxes!

Next I found a "squishimal" dinosaur who is squishy AND slightly sticky.

He'll will make a fun sensory toy option in the classroom. I love having variety. The texture is different from most of the squishy options I usually supply so I really like that. I also like that it's a dinosaur. Most often squishy toys are abstract designs or snakes and caterpillars.

Next up is this little robot guy. I moved his arm and leg to show how he works.

His pieces are connected with elastic string that allow you to move his legs and arms around but only into the allowed slots. What fun fine motor practice! Strengthen muscle control as students manipulate into the correct slots, which requires a pull of the leg, arm, etc. and then keeping it pulled while you move it around. I haven't taken this guy into the classroom yet to directly observe the students with him but am looking forward to that. Again, another awesome addition!

Up next: bluberry bath bomb!

This bath bomb is the same as one that came in my first box, but a different scent. Inside of the bathroom is a fun little toy for you to find. As I've expressed in previous posts, I struggle with some of the bath themed items from my perspective of using the items in my box for the classroom. You can easily add this to a water sensory table for sure, but it's not something I've tried yet. My alternative use for the bath items? Once I get a fun collection of them I send them down to my nieces. They enjoy getting the mail and have fun with them in the tub! So this has never been something to deter me from receiving boxes.

Second to last...we're getting closer to my favorite! Was this "to-go" case of 15 stretchy snakes and frogs!

I say that with excitement because FIFTEEN. How awesome! That's a great quantity and I love that they have their own little storage container. I see these types of items alllll the time in the story for different holidays/themes, but always think, well where am I going to put them when the students are done. These things can get dirty fast in my experience so it's important to me for them to have a storage home. These again, a great classroom addition.

And last but not least-- my favorite-- the Discovery Putty! This is a firm putty, you've probably seen your occupational therapist work with something similiar and you can add stuff to it for students to pull out.

I love that this one came with different animals you can add and in different sizes. You present it like they have to save the animals from the mud! I just love that! The different size animals are also great for differentiating the tasks for different learners in your classroom.

Overall I loved this months box! It had so many items I can easily take right into the classroom with me and put to use.

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