Thursday, August 17, 2017

{5} Classroom Set-Up Essentials

We're allowed to start working in our classrooms on Monday and I'm actually pretty excited. Every year before I go back in there are a few essentials that I pick up from the store. These items are always coming in hand at the last minute because I never know what I might need them for. If you're a first year teacher these are essentials you NEED to know!
 1. Command Hooks.
I keep a container of command hooks handy in my classroom at all times. They come in need for so many things. I usually pick up a packs of a few different sizes (and weights!) before heading back into the classroom. I also grab some extra adhesive strips for any old ones I have, or hooks I decide to move around.

2. Poster Putty.
I know a lot of people will thumbs down this one, but I always buy the Loctite Brand and never really have trouble with stuff falling down too much. It's really frowned upon in our building to put tape on the walls. I think the key to this stuff is using just the right amount. Too much adds weight to your poster. I wouldn't recommend any other brand.

3. Clorox Wipes.
Our custodians have worked hard all summer doing lots of cleaning and re-waxing the floors. If my hallway was one of the first they did then things have probably gotten a little gross since then. I love having a container of wipes handy to wipe down shelving, etc.

4. Paper Towels.
I know, doesn't the school have them? They do. But they are those brown ones that might as well just be recycled construction paper. They don't clean well or soak up anything really. I always keep a roll of regular paper towels in my classroom.

5. Contact Paper.
I love using contact paper to cover any eyesores. I've put it on the sides of some pretty beat up file cabinets to help give them a nicer look. It takes some practice to get the application down, but it's pretty easy. You can find a great selection of patterns/colors online, as well as at most major retailers in their home/kitchen section.

These are 5 items that I know I will end up using during my classroom set-up process. If I've got momentum going while working in my room the last thing I want to do is stop what I'm doing and run out to the store for something. That's less likely to happen with these items on hand!


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