Sunday, April 17, 2011

mint chocolate chip cookies

Drum roll chocolate chip cookies! This is the recipe I was holding out on.

I stumbled upon this cookie recipe a while ago and saved it in my favorites. Now that I have something to motivate me to try different recipes, I went right to this one. I don't like chocolate, but I do like chocolate chip cookies, and Extra mint chocolate chip gum, so I wanted to try these. The original recipe is posted here. I made a few adjustments to the ingredients when making my cookies. I used chocolate chip cookie mix instead of sugar, and I couldn't find creme de menthe baking chips so I bought a bag of Andes chocolate mints and broke them up.


1 pouch (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker® chocolate chip cookie mix
1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon mint extract
6 to 8 drops green food color
1 egg
1 cup Andes chocolate mints

 I had to take all of the Andes mints out of their wrappers (thankfully they unwrap pretty quickly). I unwrapped all of the mints and then put them into a baggy.

  Then, using, this unusual, and obviously very old meat tenderizing hammer, I broke the mints up into somewhat smaller pieces. 

I dumped them into a measuring cup to make sure I had enough since the recipe called for 1 cup. I had the perfect amount. Probably a little more than 1 cup, but that's alright.

Next you mix all of the ingredients, except for the Andes mints, into a large mixing bowl.

Once your batter is all mixed, you want to fold in the Andes mints.

When I first tasted the batter without the Andes mints (let's be honest, who doesn't taste the batter?) I was a little skeptical. I wasn't crazy about the taste and the thought that these cookies were going to taste awful did cross my mind. When I folded in the Andes mints and then tasted the batter with some of the mint, it tasted MUCH better. I was once again hopeful for great cookies.

I used a regular kitchen spoon to scoop up the cookies and space them out. I was able to fit 12 cookies on a baking sheet and not a single one of them touched while baking! (That's always a problem I run into.)

The recipe suggests a cooking time of 8-10 minutes so I went for 9 minutes. They came out PERFECT. Usually I end up under-baking, out of a fear of over-baking. But 9 was the magic number.

A plate of finished cookies! And they are delish! The green color of my cookies is a little more vibrant than what's shown in the picture, but what can you do.

If you decide to make mint chocolate chip cookies, let me know how they turn out!



Anonymous said...

How many does this recipe make?

Erin Lukas said...

The bag of cookie mix says 3 dozen 2 inch cookies. You can see the size of my cookies in the pictures and I was able to get 28 out of one bag of cookie mix.

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