Sunday, June 12, 2011

information sheet

So now that my school year has ended I know what things I need to work on, make, or do differently next year. One being, logging parent involvement. I kept a notebook by my phone where I recorded every phone call received, made, or voicemail left. I thought that was sufficient. And it was. UNTIL I had to sit down and fill out the parent involvement logs in the back of every IEP folder I have. This has to include all meetings, all invitations to meetings, and phone calls. Now I'm stuck spending my Sunday filling out these forms on a gazillion folders (yes, 19 feels like a gazillion)

As another co-worker was updating her IEP files on Friday, she shared a binder with me that she keeps for parent involvement. She keeps it by the phone and inside is one page protector for each child. Inside that is an information sheet on the child with important phone numbers, methods of contact, etc. and also, a copy of the involvement log that goes in the IEP folder. This allows her to record the phone calls directly on that sheet right when they come in! WHY DIDN'T I EVER THINK OF THAT?!

I'm definitely doing it next year though! I made a cover for my binder (to go along with the fish theme I'm doing next year & the clever acronym I came across online for fish!)

And then I came up with a student information sheet. I found one on TpT that I liked, but I wanted to edit it to have a few different questions, so I wound up making my own. I have uploaded it for FREE on TpT so go to my store and download it for yourself!!

Behind this sheet is where I will put the parent involvement log sheet. I don't have a copy of this to upload because I will be using the actual form that is added to the IEP folder!

Do you use anything similar in your classroom? How do you log parent involvement?


Teaching with Grace said...

I love your forms! I do something similar but you definitely have some questions on yours that I love even more than what I have. I will definitely be adapting mine for this year. Thank you!

Lauren Morse said...

Thanks for linking up. These forms are great.
Just Add Clipart

Erin Lukas said...

Thanks for the kind comments! And thanks to your both for becoming blog followers! I am following your blogs in return and I hope you'll keep checking back for new posts!! :)

Mel D said...

Hi Erin! I'm a new follower too! I really like your student info sheet but when I clicked on it it took me to the TPT site & not directly to your sheet.
Hop on over to my blog & check out the freebie I posted & follow me too!
Peace, Mel D
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Jan Brady said...

I love these forms! Thanks for sharing them. As soon as TpT is back up, I'm downloading them! I'm a new follower. Perhaps you'd like to follow me, too and check out my freebies!
- Jan

Erin Lukas said...

Mel- Were you able to find the information sheet? If not, here is the direct link to the page where you can download it!

Learning Ahoy said...

I love this! It is great to see how other special Ed teachers do things! I am a new follower. Please consider following me!


Unknown said...

Great Forms! I am also a special education teacher(k-5), and I recently started a blog. I have been desperately searching for other special education teacher blogs to follow. Thanks for sharing.


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