Monday, July 11, 2011

Spelling Cards!

First and foremost, can I just say how EXCITED I am to see that I made it to over 50 followers?! I didn't think it would happen! So a big THANK YOU to all of you who are following!! I've also been getting more followers on my TpT store!

I have some spelling cards to share with you that I made for a classroom activity. They are not theme related, but are on objects students most likely know. I know I won't be using these the beginning of the school year for all of my students, but there will be some who can do this right away!

There are 12 pages in the set (excuse my coloring on some pictures, I really like to drain my color cartridge before changing!!) The words include: crab, moon, flower, bird, lamb, paper, glue, bus, apple, paint, star, and rocket. The line on the page is for the students to spell out the word with little letter squares.

I laminated each individual letter and I plan on putting a velcro spot above each line for each individual letter. All my velcro is at school, so I don't have that shown on here. As you can see, the word flower is a little long for the line. You could easily trim up the letters if you'd like, or just let it go over the line as I did. All of the four letter words fit between the photo and the end of the paper.

I used clip art from Scrappin Doodles and from Lettering Delights to put this activity together. The font used is also from Lettering Delights and it's called Doodle Print!

This product is FREE in my TpT Store!


Miss Kindergarten said...

SO CUTE!! thanks for sharing :) of course you can use my Lettering Delights and Scrappin Doodle buttons! I made them so they aren't professional or anything, but if you like them, go ahead! Also, look into becoming an affiliate with them. You can earn commission if people purchase from your link.

Erin Lukas said...

OOooo I had no idea!! Thanks for letting me know that! I'll have to look into it!

Glad you like the spelling cards! I might do more sets in the future, either with themes, rhyming words, or word many ideas!

Ashleigh said...

Those are so cute! I'm glad I found your blog.

Unknown said...

So cute thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Thank you for the printable. Unfortunately I wasnt able to find it at Tpt. Will check again later! Thanks again!

Erin Lukas said...

Anonymous--Send me an e-mail at creatingandteaching(at)! :)

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