Friday, August 19, 2011

First Day in the Classroom

If you missed yesterday's post, scroll down to see the before pictures of my classroom. BUT do it quick so you don't spoil today's pictures!! :)

Today was the first day I got to do some work in my classroom and I think I brought the best helper with me! My friend helped me get SO much done! She was *excellent* at putting up bulletin board paper, something I do not do well!

We went in just expecting to get all of the furniture set and arranged today, but we did so much more!

Here is a shot standing in the door way to my classroom.

There's still a lot of small item organizing to be done...and I need to make new curtains/covers for that toy shelf in front.

That's the block area straight ahead, and the green curtain to the left is the computer area. There's a table with computers behind the curtain, but since we don't really use them, I block them :)

There's my job octopus! He's still looking for his home. It's been discussed to go many places, but still haven't found one quite right yet!

View from standing up in the loft. And my giant red easel. They are new this year and every teacher got one. We already have a love/hate relationship.

Here's the view from standing over by my desk. You can see my small group table to the left, our toy area, smartboard, and obviously where we will do calendar/greeting time!

Here is the writing area with my word wall..and jellyfish! I guess it's a good thing I hadn't gotten around to my sand castle yet because I don't think it would have fit on the board! There's another shelf for the materials for the writing area, but you can't see if from the photo angle.

Here's my excellent cabinet storage. As you can see I use the inside AND the top of the cabinets to store stuff! The bathroom is also to the back right & these are the two tables we will use for table time, art area, and snack time. Bottom right, I have our sensory table!

And...the reading loft! Below we have the house area, and above there is the reading area and listening area. So many people have said, "Oh! You're going to use your loft?!" Like they're shocked! I thought about it a lot and decided I would wait until Oct to "open" it and once the students are taught how to go up and down the ladder properly and learn the consequences. It shouldn't be an issue. (I run a tight pre-school ship, & plus they climb on the playground!)

There are a few things on my to do list for the weekend, like finding a solid color border and cutting out some laminated stuff. I already found some window curtains at Marshalls that I think will be perfect! I can't wait to get in on Monday & put them up!

Did I mention how much I LOVE decorating a classroom?! I'm a big dork. This, I know.


oliveverlyblog said...

looking amazing! And not to mention - I WANT that reading loft. I have never seen such a thing before. Lots of cool reading nooks - but never a loft!

Kristin said...

It is looking fantastic!! And yes, use that loft!!!!! I am super jealous!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Emily said...

Your room looks great! LOVE the loft, that's awesome!!

Unknown said...

Love it! You really did get a lot done :)

JS said...

How did it go with the loft in your room? I am returning to preschool after a 4year stay in kindergarten. I would LOVE to have a loft. My dad said he'd build one for me, but I want to hear from others first!!

Anonymous said...

I have had a loft in my room for over 17 years now not one kid has been hurt ! Kids and parents love it !! I ve always felt like we need to make school an inviting and wonderful place to go. Also by having something like this in your room it levels the playing field so to speak for the children in my room . I have never had a kiddo say " oh my loft at home...." But this year I have been told by my principal I have to remove it . It has devastated me totally taken the wind out of my sails ! I am trying my darnedest for that not to happen. Please send your positive thoughts and prayers my way!!! For the sake of the children!!!

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