Saturday, June 02, 2012


I hinted to some changes about 2 posts ago and promised I'd share them with you. Rather than continue to have you wait, I thought I would at least drop you a little hint.

Have any guesses what my year might look like for 2012-2013?!


Kara said...

Fun! Will you still be teaching preschool age kids?

Good luck as you prepare!


Mrs. Parker said...

The students and families will be lucky to work with you. I can't wait to learn more about it.

Lisa R. said...

Good luck as you go on this new endevour. They will be very fortunate to have you as their teacher!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Elizabeth said...

Good luck! I've always enjoyed my children with Autism. They add such joy because they are truly unique and remarkable :)

Fun in Room 4B

Marlana said...

I have LOVED (and still do) all of the students I've had with Autism! :) Through this past year, I have had all the students with Autism in my class as they've gone through Kindergarten. It was such a great experience for the students, parents and myself. I even started a Autism support group for parents and teachers. My only regret was being nervous and worried the first year before I had my first student with Autism because it was completely unfounded. I hope you have a wonderful year and a great experience!

Lil' Country Kindergarten

Jennifer K. said...

Wow, this will be a fun new adventure, won't it? I imagine you'll have lots to share with us and since our district is starting to mainstream mild/moderate next year, I'll need all of your experience! Good luck!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Mrs. L said...

You will learn and grow so much! I love working with children with autism. They are some of the sweetest, most sincere, kooky kids you will ever fall in love with. I got to work with a lot of children with autism this last year and loved it.
Life with Mrs. L

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