Saturday, July 14, 2012

Please Pardon the Dust

Please excuse me while I steal a few moments here and there to tweak some of my blog design in between creating great blog designs for all of my clients!

With taking on a new "student population" in the fall, if you will, I started to get into my head that I wanted a new blog design. No more fish themed classroom=no more fish themed blog. Well, what is my classroom theme this year? It's going to be suns & clouds, but I'll save that for another post.

I've recently been creatively inspired by other blogs I've come across and by new clip art/digital scrap kits I have found. So much so that I was finally bit by the design bug. I've made a few simple changes to my design, keeping my colors the same, not wanting to change things up too much.

Just "pardon my dust" while I get around to editing the signature, post divider, blog button, and matching TpT & TN accessories!

What do you think of the new look?! (Don't hate me for changing it!)


Laura said...

Love it, Erin! All of your designs are so neat and cheerful!! Still can't get enough of mine!!

Peace, Love, and First Grade

Allyson McGuire said...

It all looks so great!

Jill said...

I love it, very fun and cheerful.

Rhoda said...


Kristin said...

I love it - especially the font and colors of your title and the apple next to it. :) I'm jealous of your talent!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Michelle Griffo said...

I want you to make a blog design for me! I am going to email you!

Apples and ABC's

Tania said...

LOVE, LOVE the font!
My Second Sense

Lindsay Topolewski said...

I would love for you to make a blog design for me. How could I go about contacting you and getting information on this? I am new the blogging scene and love everything I have been finding, espcially your designs!

Unknown said...

Love your new look!

The Bender Bunch

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