Monday, July 23, 2012

Tell me more, Tell me more!

Do you really want to know anymore? I think I can sometimes be a little bit too much of an open book, but maybe I can share something with you that you don't know!

1. I'm the youngest of 3 girls. There are 7 & 12 years between my sisters & I. 

This is from 2010. My hair is not that long anymore. Unfortunately.
2. My hair is not as short as it shows in my profile picture here on blogger. It's a little longer than that, but used to be super long before I cut it. I wish I never cut it.

This is April 2011. I'm dressed as Junie B. Jones. LOOK AT THAT LONG HAIR!
3. I have a 3 month old baby niece & an almost 7 year old niece. The baby was the 10th girl in a row in our family. No boys!

4. I like to run. I used to run a lot until my first year teaching. Then I was too tired to run. I finally picked it back up this past May. Still trying to increase my distance!

Oh, just me pretending to run in a mirror self photo. I don't know why I felt this was necessary for this post.
5. Since my sophmore year in college, I have taken classes all but one summer. That's 4 summers of at least 2 classes. Yuck.

6. I am 5 classes away from finishing my masters degree. (I think) Whoo Hoo!

7. I was awarded a "Student Teacher of the Year" award by my University when I student taught. I think that's kinda neat! :)

8. I've never broken a bone.

9. I don't like milk. Unless it's in my latte or my bowl of cereal.

10. I've only ever had a white car.

Maybe you learned something interesting about me, maybe you learned something silly. Either way, you should go check out the linky party with Mrs. Lemons!



Miss Kindergarten said...

Love learning more about you!! How your summer and prepping for your new class going??

Unknown said...

You are the cutest!!!!

katherine said...

I love your Junie B. Jones costume! I, too, loved to run, but I used to live near a trail around the river in Austin, and now that I live about 20 minutes away from there, I've been running only a few times - I don't find much fun in running around my apartment complex. Good for you for getting back into the routine!

Yay Third Grade

MRs hodge said...

I''ve never broken a bone either!!! YAY!

Hop on over and check out my blog!

Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids

Lisa R. said...

No broken bones here either!! It was great getting to know more about you. :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Pint Size Learners said...

Another one with no broken bones here!
Thanks for sharing! ☺ Hop on by and say hello - I'm pretty new to blogging!

Teacher's Toolkit

Jessica said...

Yeah for running! And not breaking bones. :)

Apples and Papers

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I heart your Junie B. costume! I think I am going to link up now...I keep reading everyone's posts and it makes me want to do one!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Sharon said...

I just gave you the Lovely Blog Award. Drop by and check it out.


Sharon said...

I just gave you the Lovely Blog Award. Drop by and check it out.


Sharon said...

I just gave you the Lovely Blog Award. Drop by and check it out.


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