Saturday, September 08, 2012

A Little Updating

I did a little visual updating around my blog. [like you're real surprised] Last weekend Jessica Weible Illustrations had a 50% off sale. I can't get enough of her work! I absolutely love it & her stick figures are my favorite! BUT I decided I wanted to take advantage of the sale and order a custom character for my blog header.

Click the image to check out her site!

I love her. I love the green, and the green eyes! When I uploaded her I decided to make some other tweaks around here. I love doing blog designs and I feel like I'm always thinking of new ideas for my own while I come up with great looks for my clients!

I have several classroom ideas I want to share with you, but I was so overwhelmed Friday making sure every last detail [minus my cots that are NOT here yet! EEK!] was ready for my students to start on Monday that I forgot to snap some pictures. I will have to share those ideas with you later this week!

Now, to try and not stress out all weekend about Monday...
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