Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let's Learn Colors!

We're starting a colors theme next week and as I was planning last week I realized things were going to be a lot different with this group of kiddos than the students I have had in the past. [Which will most likely be the case EVERY week I plan!] 
I'm faced with a lot of expressive language challenges so I needed to think of new activities that can test my students knowledge without expecting them to always provide a verbal response.

I thought of a color book activity to make and from there I wound up with a whole unit for colors! Here is the preview of the color book.

I've also included a copy of my Pete the Cat Activity Cards in this unit. We will be doing that activity this week & it fits so nicely with a colors unit!

Here are some other activities included:

....and more! Head over to TpT to see the full product list! :)

Click the image.


1 comment

Unknown said...

Super cute!

I totally feel you on creating all new materials - my groups this year is SO different than the group last year. I guess it keeps you on your toes :)

- Sasha
The Autism Helper

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