Saturday, December 08, 2012

Who's on Your Shopping List?!

Need a quick, easy, and cute way to keep track of your Christmas shopping?! If you answered yes, then I'm here to help! If you answered no, then I'm here to tell you you are wrong! ;)

I always forget who I have and haven't shopped for yet, and more importantly what I've already bought! Now, I'm not shopping for any kids of my own yet, just family members so this list works perfect for me!

I had to print 2 copies, and maybe you'll need more, but just staple them and voila! I filled in names above each box set and then I can fill in what I've already bought. It's easy for me to see who I've bought for and who I still need to find gifts for! 

If you want to snag this little freebie for yourself, head to my TpT store

Looking for classroom ideas? Supply this list in your writing area or even in dramatic play. Students can plan out who they will be "shopping" for and include their mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, etc on their list!


Unknown said...

SO cute! My Kinders will love it!
First Grade Blue SKies

Unknown said...

Omigosh love this Erin! Thanks for the freebie :)

- Sasha
The Autism Helper

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