Friday, June 14, 2013

End of the Year Idea with a {FREE} download!

I know this might sound surprising, but the end of the school year really snuck up on me! I knew it was coming, but before I knew it it was actually here.

We stuck to our routine the last few days as much as possible. Consistency and routine are what my children thrive off of, so we worked to keep it somewhat similiar. We did enjoy some bubble blowing and chasing and bike riding too. 

For an end of the year gift my para and I decided to make some buckets of fun! It's nice having a second person (not just to differentiate instruction) but for student gifts too! :) We simply come up with something, then split the cost. The students get a decent gift and it's not so painful on our wallets either.

Some dollar tree goodies (we are still working on a budget here), combined with some suggestions for making learning fun at home. I tried to incorporate things they could use the materials in the bucket for too.

The packet also includes a suggestions page for websites and apps to use at home too. I know a lot of my students have internet access and/or ipads/itouches at home. 

If you are interested in the Summer Fun Learning Ideas packet I put together, you can download it for free from my TpT store and TN store.

Click {here} to download on TpT
Click {here} to download on TN

With the file you download you will also get a copy of the labels I put on the buckets. I left the name space blank so you will have to hand write yours in. Can you guess what I used my bucket labels for??

Yes, that would be why some of them are on an angle. They were perfect for covering up the bucket stickers, versus spending a gazillion hours trying to pick off stickers!

I linked this idea up with Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations summer linky party! You have to check it out, each week there is a different theme for the linky. Definitely a party you'll get a lot of ideas from this summer!



Mel said...

Thank you for doing what you do. I am a first grade teacher and this is really cute. My son is also a special needs sweetie and will be in a class like yours next year. Thanks for making their time special!!

tnw1988 said...

I found you through TPT. I am a new special education teacher. I will be in resource starting in August, but before that I was a full time sub with extended resource (K-1). My heart is with extended resource and I have hopes of transitioning into extended resource in December. I'm glad I found you. I am a new follower. :-)


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