Monday, June 17, 2013

Top 10 Classroom Decor Pins

It's summer. And if you're anything like me, that means you're thinking about decorating your classroom for next year. It's seriously my favorite thing about the new year and each year I feel like I like my classroom a little bit more.
I'm envious of some of the amazing pictures of classrooms I see out there. I want perfect organization, flow, and consistency in decor. Since I don't have an endless wallet I know that might take some time. Slowly, but surely.
My first year teaching I didn't have a theme, I was just so excited to have my own classroom! My second year I did an ocean theme, it was fun, but maybe a little too busy. I decided to tone down and simplify for my new group of students. I went with sun/clouds/rainbows. I really liked it and I am planning on sticking with that again for next year, but with some changes/updates!
Tonight I'm linking up with Just Reed for her Ten Pin Linky Party. The theme for this Ten Pin is classroom decor! Here are 10 items from my pin board that I am *hoping* to do to my classroom for next year. Accomplishing all 10 is a stretch, but hey, a girl can dream right?

1. Hanging Curtains. I just saw this one today and I have curtains in my classroom already, but I use tension rods, and shesh. They can be a pain! I really like this idea! It's one of those things that you see and go, really? I couldn't think of that one myself?
{click the picture for the pinterest link}

2. Break Area. I really want to make a new/designated break area in the classroom for next year. I have students who need some sensory breaks and this will be perfect! This one is from Sasha at The Autism Helper. I can only hope mine will be as amazing!
{click the picture for the pinterest link}

3. Re-vamped desk area. This is a perfect example of a clean and polished desk area. I would love to re-do my desk area this year. I love the classrooms where teachers have given up their desks. If I didn't have a desktop computer, I'd probably consider that!
{click the picture for the pinterest link} 

4. Window Bunting. I have some sheer curtains on my windows, but I would either like to make new curtains, or add a bunting with the existing curtains. I also have a window into the hallway that I would like to do something with. A bunting would be fun on those!
{click the picture for the pinterest link}

5. Make a Rainbow. How fun is this rainbow decor! It looks like it would fit perfectly into a classroom designed by School Girl Style. I love it and might just have to find a place to do something similiar in my room!
{click the picture for the pinterest link}

6. Storage Bins. I have storage space above my cabinets where I have my theme items labeled in copy paper boxes. Throughout this school year I plan to transition from copy paper boxes to plastic bins. Plastic bins will hold up longer and be a better defense against the mice we get.
{click the picture for the pinterest link}

7. Lighting. I want better lighting. I've read and read about adding additional lighting to your classroom via lamps so it's not all florescent. I bought one desk lamp last year and rarely turn it on. I MUST incorporate more lighting this year! I just love this lamp from The Land of Nod
{click the picture for pinterest link}

8. Wood Working Area. I love this! We have a wood working area with our high scope curriculum, but I usually just put mine out for 2 weeks at a time within the block area. If I find the space, I love this DIY wood working area!
{click the picture for the pinterest link}

9. Drawer Organization. I could seriously use this! Perfect for organizing bulletin board letters, accents, etc. Right now I have a large shallow draw set. It's perfect for posters and everything, but it all just winds up stacked on top of each other. Some small compartments for some of those drawers would be great!
{click the picture for the pinterest link}

10. Shelves! I love this idea for inexpensive make your own shelves. You can adjust the width yourself with the number of cinder blocks, obviously not too high because you don't want them to fall. I have a few shelves that are really choppy, outdated, and just icky. I would love to replace them with something else!
{click the picture for the link}

Shew, that's quite the list. I'll have to update you at the beginning of the school year with what ACTUALLY gets accomplished. I already have a few ideas in store for blog posts so I KNOW some of it will happen.

Be sure to head over and check out the posts of everyone who has linked up! I saw some really great ideas. Do you have a few things in mind for your classroom that you absolutely MUST do this summer??



Cupcake said...

That lamp is SO cute!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Brandee Green said...

Love the creative way to hang a curtain! Why didn't I think of that??? Cute!
Creating Lifelong Learners

First Grade Buddies said...

We loved looking at the classroom decor pins you found! So many great ideas out there!

:) Tamra and Sarah
First Grade Buddies

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

I love the L-shaped desk. If only it would stay that clean! :) I gave up my desk this year, and I am kind of terrified. We'll see how it goes!! Lighting is so important and it's something I have not even considered; thanks so much for the reminder!


Melissa said...

I just found your site via Pinterest! Congratulations! I just completed 13 years of teaching first grade and I'm moving classrooms and grade levels to kindergarten for the fall. I learned about lamps and lighting from two teacher friends. Last year, I had seven lamps and splurged on two strands of clear garden lights ($25).Any new person who came to my room noticed the lighting first. It was bright enough not to use overhead lighting at all. I highly recommend it - it's your second home - make it comfortable! Can't wait to see what you come up with... I'm a new follower. Now I'm off to see everyone else's top ten and I need to make my own! Enjoy your summer!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I'm a bowling coach and math teacher. Where did the bowling clip art come from?

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