Saturday, July 13, 2013

Classroom Pillows

Do you have pillows in your classroom? I started out just using some extra old ones I had laying around. They never matched my classroom but it was so expensive to buy pillows! This year I checked into Lakeshore to consider ordering some out of my classroom budget.

Comfy Pillows - Set of 5
photo from Lakeshore
I thought these would have been perfect. But their $129.00 price tag would have been a large chunk of my budget. My next thought was to go with these...
Soft Seats
photo from Lakeshore

But they are just so small I decided I didn't just want to settle on them. I decided I would just get fabric and make my own over the summer. It would probably be cheaper anyway and I would have pillows that matched my room.

WELL, a better idea came to mind. GroopDealz and VeryJane always have pillow covers on their sites and they are pretty cheap. I looked up the price of the pillows to see what they would cost me and when I found 18 x 18 pillows for $5.99 I was sold! I could get 3 large pillows for my classroom for around $50 including shipping and handling. I can take the covers off and wash them as needed and they'll be mine if I ever switch schools.

I'm bummed I missed out on these at VeryJane. Tons of great patterns, and they had green too!

CLEARANCE Outdoor 18 x 18 Pillow Covers – Quick Ship!
photo from VeryJane
But I headed over to GroopDealz and found these for an even better price. I ordered royal blue, yellow, and red since I have decided to go primary colors with my classroom "theme" this year.

photo from GroopDealz

They didn't have any green options, but that's okay. The green in my classroom is a pretty dark green. It would probably be pretty hard to find similiar green in pillows. I think I like this pattern a little more because it has more of the color than white, making the design seem more subtle.

Oh! And I found the 18 x 18 pillow inserts at for only $5.99 each. 

Do you have pillows in your classroom? I'd love to see what you have found or what you've used to find inexpensive pillow options for your classroom library. I might be the most excited teacher ever about starting to decorate and set up my classroom this year. I have big plans.


Jess said...

I love your new pillows! Last year I made my own covers but then when we had an outbreak of lice and I washed them they fell apart. :( I'm looking for new pillow covers and these might just be the ones I want! Thanks for sharing the awesome deal!
Rambling About Reading

Ms. Cranfill said...

I found some good ones for my room at Garden Ridge. They are supposed to be outdoor pillows, but they have super cute prints!

Ms. Cranfill's Class

Jessica Fredrickson said...

I'm bummed I missed that deal too, those pillows look great! Big Lots has some cute pillows right now for $10.

Fun in PreK-1 is Having a Giveaway!

Erin Blecki said...

I just recently saw someone post lawn pillows on instagram and thought those were a great idea! I'm hoping that since these are store bought, that they won't fall apart if I wash them--although you never know!

Kate said...

I love the pillows! I like the bright colors and print!
Fun in ECSE

Mohit said...

I like it,,

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