Saturday, July 13, 2013

Classroom Pillows

Do you have pillows in your classroom? I started out just using some extra old ones I had laying around. They never matched my classroom but it was so expensive to buy pillows! This year I checked into Lakeshore to consider ordering some out of my classroom budget.

Comfy Pillows - Set of 5
photo from Lakeshore
I thought these would have been perfect. But their $129.00 price tag would have been a large chunk of my budget. My next thought was to go with these...
Soft Seats
photo from Lakeshore

But they are just so small I decided I didn't just want to settle on them. I decided I would just get fabric and make my own over the summer. It would probably be cheaper anyway and I would have pillows that matched my room.

WELL, a better idea came to mind. GroopDealz and VeryJane always have pillow covers on their sites and they are pretty cheap. I looked up the price of the pillows to see what they would cost me and when I found 18 x 18 pillows for $5.99 I was sold! I could get 3 large pillows for my classroom for around $50 including shipping and handling. I can take the covers off and wash them as needed and they'll be mine if I ever switch schools.

I'm bummed I missed out on these at VeryJane. Tons of great patterns, and they had green too!

CLEARANCE Outdoor 18 x 18 Pillow Covers – Quick Ship!
photo from VeryJane
But I headed over to GroopDealz and found these for an even better price. I ordered royal blue, yellow, and red since I have decided to go primary colors with my classroom "theme" this year.

photo from GroopDealz

They didn't have any green options, but that's okay. The green in my classroom is a pretty dark green. It would probably be pretty hard to find similiar green in pillows. I think I like this pattern a little more because it has more of the color than white, making the design seem more subtle.

Oh! And I found the 18 x 18 pillow inserts at for only $5.99 each. 

Do you have pillows in your classroom? I'd love to see what you have found or what you've used to find inexpensive pillow options for your classroom library. I might be the most excited teacher ever about starting to decorate and set up my classroom this year. I have big plans.


Jess said...

I love your new pillows! Last year I made my own covers but then when we had an outbreak of lice and I washed them they fell apart. :( I'm looking for new pillow covers and these might just be the ones I want! Thanks for sharing the awesome deal!
Rambling About Reading

Ms. Cranfill said...

I found some good ones for my room at Garden Ridge. They are supposed to be outdoor pillows, but they have super cute prints!

Ms. Cranfill's Class

Jessica F said...

I'm bummed I missed that deal too, those pillows look great! Big Lots has some cute pillows right now for $10.

Fun in PreK-1 is Having a Giveaway!

Erin Lukas said...

I just recently saw someone post lawn pillows on instagram and thought those were a great idea! I'm hoping that since these are store bought, that they won't fall apart if I wash them--although you never know!

Kate said...

I love the pillows! I like the bright colors and print!
Fun in ECSE

Mohit said...

I like it,,

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