Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Circus Time!

Do you have a circus theme in your classroom? I BRIEFLY considered it when I saw Melanie's adorable classroom theme and knowing I had a lot of red already, but I changed my mind. I have too much royal blue instead of turquoise, but this look is still SO adorable!

I know there is at least 1 of you out there with a circus theme because you requested a circus theme sub binder! It's now complete and in my store if you are interested in purchasing it.

*In case you've never seen any of my sub binders before they include the following pages for you to use to create dividers for setting up your binder:

- The "basic" stuff
- Important Procedures
- Behavior Management
- Daily Routine
- Lesson Plans

There is also a "While you Were Out" page that you can make multiple copies of and have the sub fill it in for the day. There are binder spines for sizes 1in through 3in.

I also went ahead and made matching alphabet cards that can be used as flash cards or for your word wall.

And a birthday pack too! These three items seem to be popular in my stores. Place student names on the name tags included in the pack {now editable!} On your board place the monthly tents, then the students names underneath each month!

If you are interested in all 3 items make sure you purchase them in the bundle to save!
Separately you would spend $5.00, bundled you will spend $4.00

Have you chosen your classroom theme for 2013-2014? I wasn't going to change mine but after reading Melanie's ebook: Decorate Like a Pro, I was easily swayed. I've decided to go with a primary colors theme and I can't wait to get in there and get started! Oh- and shop the supply catalogs! 

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