Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's that time of the year....

...for DINOSAURS!!

Or so it seems at least! My Dinosaur Roar Unit has been a popular seller these past two weeks. What a coincidence that I just did dinosaurs myself in the classroom this past week. Our pre-schoolers will only be there 2 days this coming week (Monday & Tuesday) so we will also be doing dinosaurs the following week.

I typically do my themes for 2 weeks each, if we have a full week.

Sorry for that tangent, back to the topic!

I snapped a few photos this past week of my students dressed as dinosaurs in our dramatic play center. I made the volcano in the background (that you can kinda see) that I hang up and found the hats, head bands, and tails at the Dollar Tree and Michael's. The walking feet belong to another pre-school teacher and I'm not so sure where they are from. They come in handy for a dinosaurs theme and a monsters theme!

I did a tutorial post in the past on making the volcano. You can find the directions {here} if it's something you are thinking about tackling. I use the word "tackle" but it really is quite simple. All you need is the fabric (or bed sheets like I used), heat & bond, and an iron! Super simple.

Do you do a dinosaur theme with your students? What are some of their favorite activities?



Erin said...

I love your dino walking feet are adorable! When I worked with pre-k, we did some digging for fossils in our sand table with dino skeletons I purchased from Oriental trading and big bushy paint brushes. It was a lot of fun!
Short and Sassy Teacher

Unknown said...

So cute! My Jack would love it!
First Grade Blue Skies

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