Sunday, May 11, 2014

{ACTION! ACTION!} Fun with Verbs

All of the students in my classroom have a high need for communication supports. Whether they are completely non-verbal or lacking spontaneous requests and comments, there is some level of need there.

While focusing on increasing their speech and ability to request their wants and needs it's obvious that our vocabulary tends to focus mostly on the use of nouns. Labeling and identifying objects. Learning to differentiate between visual representations for wants and needs. Toys, games, puzzles, drinks, foods, etc.

We want them to become functional. Have functional ways to tell a communication partner what they want, versus taking them by the hand, leading them to the vicinity of the item, and hoping the person knows what they want.

Once the functional communication is in place and spontaneous and unprompted we want to expand their vocabulary. Hello, Verbs!

I actually have more than one student at the moment who is working on expanding their use of verbs. I wanted to create some visual supports to assist the students in identifying verbs correctly. Before I knew it I had a TpT item before my eyes! Woo Hoo!

I hope this is something you can use in your classrooms as well. Whether you are working with special needs students with communication delays, or working with some Kindergarten students who are struggling to identify and/or understand verbs.

Action! Action! Fun with Verbs includes 3 different activities to help teach verbs and assess for student understanding. There is also a data collection sheet included at the end.

{Find the Verb!} Book: Print pages 3-8 and cut along the dotted line. Laminate pages and bind together with binding machine. This will allow you to create an easy book for assessment. Go through each page with a student. When they correctly identify a verb, make a mark in the square. After going through the whole book, record your data.
{Missing Verb} Book: Print pages  9-20 for this activity. Page 9 is the book cover and page 20 has the images for the verb choices. Print 2 copies of page 20 so you have enough options for the pages. Laminate all pieces and book pages. Use Velcro to attach three images to each page, making sure at least one is the correct answer. Student finishes the sentence at the bottom of the page by selecting the correct verb picture. 

{Matching Verb}: Print and laminate the picture choices on pages 30-37. Cut the board pages in half if you’d like. Laminate these too. Use Velcro to have students find the three correct pictures for each verb. 

There is also a data sheet included with 14 different verbs. You can track a students ability to identify each verb correctly on up to 12 trials.
 If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can head to my {TpT Store}. If you have any questions about it, feel free to comment below!


Unknown said...

Looks great, Erin!
First Grade Blue Skies

Jenn said...

Hey Erin! I love this idea! I think that since I teach middle school I might amp it up a little more, but there are still some students in my room that could definitely use something like this! Thanks


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