Monday, May 05, 2014

MAY Write the Room

Well it's no secret that I'm 110% totally late on posting this. I should have it posted BEFORE the month of May so that you can prep it and use it during May. I'm not going to come up with "excuses" (although they would be valid!) I'm just going to remind you that I'm only human. It happens. I'm sorry. I'll try harder next time.

I will admit that I had a hard time  coming up with an idea for this month. I got concerned. Was I too ambitious making a monthly bundle for write the room? Am I going to be able to come up with that many different ideas that build upon each other each month? And then. IT HIT ME! Missing Letter!

I hope you think it's as good of an idea as I do! There are fewer cards to hide around the room, sure, but a great skill to work on with your pre-k kiddos as they perfect their mastery on alphabet recognition! I included capital sequences and lowercase sequences. There are also recording sheets for filling in on their own, tracing, or matching where the missing letter goes.

For the matching one, my suggestion is to create a board with the letter choices. This way when the child finds the sequence card in the classroom, they can refer to their choices, pick the correct letter, and then place it on their "recording sheet". It does require an extra page, but chances are a student on the matching level, may be getting extra adult help anyway, so there's an extra set of hands there.

Above is what the missing letter board looks like. Available in black and white or color. Velcro letters onto this board for students to choose the correct letter for their recording sheet when they find the cards around the classroom.

You can purchase this item on it's own, or purchase the Monthly Bundle for Write the Room Activities!

{click here} to purchase May Write the Room
{click here} to purchase Write the Room Bundle

Both items will be on sale with the rest of my TpT store on May 6th & 7th! Save up to 28% with the code!


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