Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Jacket I Wear...

..of course you know the rest! IN THE SNOW!

For me this is one of those books that goes way back. Not way back to my childhood or anything, but way back to the days of student teaching.

I think it's fair to say this was the first ever sequencing activity that I planned, prepped materials for, and taught to a class. I loved it. Sequencing quickly became a favorite of mine.

I have literally been using these materials with this book for 8 years. EIGHT! Honestly, I have no NEED to update them, but couldn't help but think about the adorable clipart I saw that would be great for updating my resources.

I made the original cards by blowing up images on the copier, coloring them in, gluing them to card stock and then laminating them. -- those were the days. haha!

While putting together new sequencing cards I also created a smaller set of sequencing cards to use with a paint stick or something similiar, a storyboard for students to follow along with, and a black and white activity book for tracing and coloring. -- great for pre-readers!

While reading the book out loud with my students they will each get a copy of this story board to follow along with. Students simply use their finger to find the picture that matches the page we are on.

As the story repeats itself students can follow along to read with me! The book is already great for this with the pictures in place of the text on the pages, but I love giving my pre-schoolers something to hold while sitting to read. Especially for books that may be a little longer.

I will use the large sequencing cards to lay out as we read as well. These can act as a large cue for the students to find the matching picture on their story boards too.

For the small sequencing cards these are great if you are working on re-telling with any of your students. Simply add velcro the back and use a paint stick or another surface for students to place the pictures on as they re-tell you the story.

The black and white activity book can be great for small group activities or to simply put in your writing area for students to work on and take home to share the story with their families!

If this is a go to book for you during the winter you need to grab these resources! I've put them all together in one pack and with such easy prep it's a no brainer! You can buy this pack on TpT for just $3! Click {here} or click the photo below.

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