Friday, January 05, 2018

Where Do I Buy Velcro {#SPEDtalk}

So one of the MOST asked questions in the sped world is where do you buy your velcro? It's like we all think one of us is sitting on the secret to affordable velcro and we don't want to share it.
Unfortunately, that's not the case at all. I've just settled on the fact that "affordable" velcro is a magical non-existent thing. I have however discovered what I consider to be the "best deal" on velcro and is always my go to for ordering.

First, I have some ground rules for velcro.

- white/clear, the lightest you can find is best
- dots. BUY ALL THE DOTS, but yes, sometimes strips
- rough stays, soft travels

That said, to each their own. BUT if your new to the velcro game I'd say take my suggestions. They are well shared with other teachers throughout the special education world in my opinion.

Now for purchasing velcro I have one source and basically one source only.

Based in Florida, they do offer local pick up or they ship anywhere with a minimum order of $50. Yes. I know that's a kicker, but I have an idea for that price so just keep reading!

I always order the 1/2" velcro coins in white. You have to order 1 roll hook and 1 roll loop. They are $16/roll so you're spending $32 for your velcro, but you're getting 1,400 sets of coins. The best part of the coins is obvious, but no cutting!

If you still feel like $32 is a lot, don't worry. I've done the homework for you to make the comparisons and prove to you it is the best deal!

The option available on Uline would be a pack of 200 coins. When you do the math to buy 1400 coins, you would have to spend $105. Yikes! That certainly makes Feiner a better option.

The Velcro brand above is sold via Uline, but specified to be Velcro brand. It is sold in a 1440 count, which is 40 more coins, but it's $56!

The coins available on Amazon are by a brand called "VKey" and are actually slightly larger at 3/4" but they come in a pack of 250 sets. When you buy enough to compare to 1400, you have to spend $54. *NOT an affiliate link*

I actually do order the Amazon option occasionally., especially because I can prime it and get it here faster than the Feiner order and it's $8.99 for a set of 250.  It is for sure the best option if you need something quickly.

Since Feiner Supply has a minimum order amount of $50, it might make them sound comparable to other options listed above.

If you are placing a single order just for yourself, you can double it and spend $64, but get 2800 sets of velcro coins.

Before I order, I'll send an email out to other teachers in my school to see if anyone else needs velcro. This is the PERFECT solution. We can all get a great deal on our velcro without breaking the bank.

If no one else needs velcro then I will order 2 sets. 1 set to take to school and 1 set to leave at home. This is also a great idea so I don't have to take materials back and forth when prepping.

I recently ordered strip velcro from Feiner supply too and it's also a great deal at $13.50/roll for a 25 yard roll.

So there you have it. The BEST place to buy your velcro is, but I also included links for all the options just in case you like throwing away money. 😆

This post is also NOT sponsored in anyway. I just wanted to share that "secret" we all think each other is sitting on.



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