Sunday, February 05, 2012

Diaper Motorcycle!

Yes, you read that title correctly! A couple weeks ago I went to a good friends baby shower, (if she makes it to her due date, I'll be shocked!) and thanks to Pinterest, I made this ADORABLE diaper motorcycle for her!

Please ignore the slightly messy kitchen backdrop & excuse the iphone quality photos! :)

The tutorial on how to make these can be found at Sweet Aprils. She has an excellent tutorial so there was no need for me to duplicate it AND this is so much easier than it might look!

I bet you could never guess what was the hardest part of this to find in the stores! The first person to guess correctly can pick an item for free from one of my stores! Leave your email so I can email you!


Kim said...

Really cute! I am going to guess the right diapers????

Growing Up Teaching

Adrienne said...

Im guessing the chain link

Sandra said...

So cute!
I'm guessing the plastic cylinder thingy... I don't know what it is so its probably hard to find!

Allyson McGuire said...

This is so adorable! I'm guessing that the monkey was the hardest thing to find! It is so hard to find simple, regular-looking stuffed animals!


Unknown said...

I would guess the monkey, too!
Thank you so much for sharing this. I am SO making it for my friend's baby shower that's coming up soon!

Erin Lukas said...

Allyson got it right! THE MONKEY! It was so hard to find stuffed animals in general! I went so many places! I mean outside of finding an insanely priced one at a specialty toy store! I ended up finding this one at a Kmart. Walmart didn't even have stuffed animals!

The tutorial tells you the right size diapers to get, so that's nice! :)

And the plastic thing you see in the middle is actually a bottle!

Miss S. said...

That is the cutest darn thing I have seen all day! Good job! Wow, if I ever have a baby I'm inviting you... I want a baby diaper motorcycle:)

Miss S
Just Teaching...Kindergarten

Unknown said...

This is the cutest baby shower gift EVER! I once made a diaper cake for my friend and it was so much fun to make (it had a rubber ducky theme).

Grow Up Learning

Katherine said...

Adorable Erin!

Jen R said...

omgosh!!! so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Erin! How do I pin this??!!
I love your blog and will comment more my little cf

Perlafmpl said...

Really cute! I am going to guess the right diapers???? Kim Growing Up Teaching

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