Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ocean Fun Unit! - Win a FREE Copy!

A little more than halfway through a recent flight some serious boredom set in. I wasn't interested in paying for inflight wi-fi more than half way through so I thought, what can I make a unit on, that I already have clip art for?

A while back someone inquired about me making an ocean themed unit. I don't remember who that someone was, BUT I have finally made one!

I'm pretty excited about this unit. I think there are a lot of fun games! Here is what is included in the unit:

Alphabet Match: Match the capital crabs to the lowercase starfish.(Pgs. 3-16)

I Have, Who Has: An I have, Who has game using pictures. The child "reads" the picture instead of a word. (Pgs. 17- 19)

Roll and Color: Print out the cards and insert them into a photo cube. Supply students with recording sheet to record what they roll. (Pgs. 20-22)

Vocabulary Cards: Vocabulary cards to use to introduce the unit to your students. (Pgs.23- 27)

Find the Letter 'Oo': Use dot paint or a bingo marker and have students find only the circles with the letter 'O' or 'o' in them. When they find one, they mark the circle.(Pg.28)

Number Cards: Students count the objects on the card and then they find the number that matches. Put a clothespin on the number that is correct. Recording sheet included. (Pgs. 29- 35)

Drop, Count & Move Game: Use a small manipulative as a game marker for each player. (up to 2) Drop the game pieces from a cup. Count how many pictures land face up. Move your manipulative that many places on the game board. (Pgs. 36-37)

Read, Trace, & Write: Laminate these cards. Students use them with dry erase markers to practice writing the words/letters. (Pgs. 38-45)

Action Cards: Students pick a card and everyone does the action that is on the card. (Pgs. 46- 48)

If you are interested in purchasing this unit, you can purchase it from either TpT or TN.

Leave me a comment with your favorite activity in this unit, or favorite activity to find in a unit, and I will pick a random winner to get a free copy! You must leave your comment by 11pm TONIGHT (Tuesday, April 10)


Mrs. Brown said...

This unit looks great.I think the action cards sound fun for my kinders!

Why couldn't this have been one to the first three=I never get in early on those....LOL and today I am the first!


Kerri Buckner said...

Drop, count and move game looks like fun. We need some practice just figuring out how to play games.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Miss Amanda said...

I love the read, trace, write cards. My kids are starting to get into those and thank you for the unit I am about halfway through our ocean unit.

Miss Kindergarten said...

Everything you make is so creative!! My Dave is the drop count and move game! What a fun idea!!


Miss Kindergarten said...

And by Dave I mean fav, darn iPhone!

Mrs. I said...

The action cards sound like a great transition activity!

Cathy I.
Mrs. I's Class

Kristie said...

We are doing an Ocean theme after our Weather Unit!! WOuld love to win this, it looks great...lots of fun stuff to keep my home daycare kiddos busy busy busy :)
Thank you for the opportunity to win!!!

Pocketful of Littles said...

Action Cards and Drop, Count Move sound fun

I hope I win


Ms. Patterson

Mary said...

Hey Girl,

I have this clip art too and LOVE it. My favorite activity form your unit is roll and color. It sounds so creative and fun! I know my pre-K kids would love it!


cindyb said...

I am a big beach girl and my class knows it so everything in this unit would work out just fabulous for me!!

Carmen said...

This looks great!!! The drop, count, move game looks like it would be a great game practice for my Kinders... Thanks!


Ali said...

This looks really cute and fun!! I always love the I have, who has games! It would be perfect for my students I am working with over the summer entering K in the fall!

An Education Lasts a Lifetime

Allyson McGuire said...

I love "I Have Who Has;" kids always get into it!


Abby said...

Oh my gosh we are doing an Ocean unit next week! This would be perfect! My kiddos already play your alphabet and number I have Who has game pretty much everyday when we are waiting for dismissal so I'm sure they would love this!

Tania said...

My 4.5 year old is 'hunting' for letters and words all the time. I have to say my favorite is Find the letter O.
Cute clip art!
My Second Sense

Ashley said...

The Drop, Count and Move game sounds fun! I love your units and love that I have found another pre-k blog!

Me & Marie Learning

Michaela May said...

I like the I have Who Has cards... We do this game a lot with each different unit... I love looking at all your different units and want to be more like you...


Mrs. Tolbert said...

I like the vocabulary activity. Vocabulary is so important for our kiddos!
Daisy Days for Learning


sarah said...

I think the drop and count game looks cute!


Rachel said...

I always like read, trace, and write activities!


Jenna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kendall said...

My kids love to play "I have, Who has" with math facts,but to change it up a little would be great!! I am sure they will enjoy it!
They would also enjoy the Action Cards!! Anything that they can do that is silly is right up their alley!!
Everything looks great!!


Alana said...

I like the Read, Trace, Write activities. My students still need a little extra practice writing their letters!

Email: alanangreen@yahoo.com

Keys4Education said...

I would love to try the action cards. Sounds like so much fun! :o)

jennkeys @ gmail . com

Erin Ropelato said...

I always love the Read, Trace and Write cards!
Your unit looks so cute and fun!
erinropelato (at) yahoo (dot) com

Shelia said...

Love the unit! I would love to use the action cards in my class. Great giveaway!

Heather said...

Everything sounds amazing and we are starting our ocean unit next week! This would fit in perfectly. My favorite activity is the "Number Cards." My friends need all the help they can get with counting sets and matching numbers. Thanks for the chance to win!


Anonymous said...

Adorable unit! I think the drop, count and move game is such a great idea - my kids would get a kick out of it, and it's something they could all be successful at while still practicing their counting skills :)


megandw said...

I love any cute activity where my kiddos can be successful while independent! I think the read, trace, write cards would be great!

Lori Rosenberg said...

Looks like a fun activity for our students. Great clip art, too! I like all of the activities, but if I had to choose one, I guess I'd say the vocabulary cards. I always have vocabulary cards out for the children to help them with their writing.

Teaching With Love and Laughter

Lisa R. said...

Your unit looks adorable! I think the Drop, Count, and Move game sounds fun!!


Connie said...


I think the I have, Who has game looks like a lot of fun.


Diane O said...

My kiddos really enjoy the "I have, Who has" games!


Unknown said...

Love the Drop, Count and Move Game! The Action Cards and Vocabulary Cards are great too! This is a great unit! :)
Crayons and Curls

Miss Grippi said...

Love the read, write and trace cards. Great writing practice for the various levels of students!


Jennifer said...

This looks fantastic!! I love the action cards. My students love to play I have, Who has and Roll and Color games, too!!

The First Grade Dream

Unknown said...

This Unit looks like so much fun! I just took a look over at your TPT Store and love all your items. I put your Word Family Train on my Wish List to get when I start working on them with my 5 yr old.

I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I am following you now and can't wait to read about all your great teaching ideas! :)

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