Friday, April 06, 2012

This is embarassing...

I don't know if I should take this as a sign to stop making calendar cards are what. When I first uploaded my April calendar cards there was a goof. I thought I fixed the goof. I printed out a set for myself and laminated them, got them ready for the calendar. All is good. UNTIL TODAY. I went to put up the calendar days for spring break and the cards are ALL WRONG!

I am so embarrassed that they are still not right! How hard can an AABB pattern really be?! Clearly I need to find a proof reader! I have hopefully finally really fixed the calendar cards!

Guess I know that I will be making time to reprint and relaminate calendar cards on my spring break. I'm more irked about the velcro I wasted...

You should be able to finally download a CORRECT version of them with an AABB pattern. If they still aren't right...well, then, I quit.


luckeyfrog said...

Calendar cards aren't really a thing I use, but I never mind proof reading if you need an extra set of eyes! Just let me know! :)

Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

Kristin said...

I hate that!!!
As far as the velcro, I have a little paper clip trick that my master teacher taught me . . . it would be hard to explain to you here but email me if you're interested. It looks nice on the calendar (no problems) and the calendar card slides under it. No velcro. :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Mrs. Shelton said...

I have done that once or twice too and feel like a total idiot! :) It's okay! Don't stop doing cute units! We love them! Thanks again for helping with my giveaway!

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