Saturday, August 25, 2012

On the Farm Unit

I am just so excited about being able to use Dj Inkers clip art now! Purchasing a license is totally worth it! SO I thought about some themes that I haven't created units for and FARM won! This unit also includes ADORABLE clip art from JW Illustrations--I couldn't pass up using her adorable stick figures farm clip art! I LOVE her stick figures stuff!

 I created a PVC pipe barn for a farm dramatic play during a practicum placement in college. This thing has been loved. I use it. My grade level team mates use it. And the kids LOVE it!

Here's a photo of the barn set up for the second time while I was student teaching. It's big. The kids can stand up in it. I can almost stand up straight in it! It's a lot of pieces to store, but totally worth it.

Now I have created a super fun Farm Unit to accompany a farm theme in your classroom! There are a variety of activities in this pack to meet the needs of different ages/grade levels. Please be sure to read through the list to see what is included!! 

Word wall Cards: farm themed vocabulary cards. Some words are included twice, but in DJ Inkers clipart or JW Illustrations clip art—print your preference! J (pg. 3-11)

Counting Cards: count the number of farm items displayed on each card. Clip a clothespin to the correct number. Use the recording sheet included to set this up as a math center. (pg. 12- 18)

Memory Game: print two sets of these cards and laminate for durability. Students play a memory game to find the matches. (pg. 19- 21)

ABC Order: have students place these farm cards in alphabetical order and record their answers on the recording sheet. (pg. 22-26)

Pattern Cards: cut and laminate the pattern cards along with the cards to complete the patterns. Student must find the correct card that comes next in the sequence! (pg. 27- 29)

Capital/Lowercase Sort: sort out the capital and lowercase letters. Use the sorting mat to put them on the correct sides. (pg.30-31)  

Addition Math: students count the items on the card for the math problem, then find the correct answer card. Use the recording sheet to have students write their math problem in number form. (pg. 32- 37)

Farm Chants: print these mini-posters of farm themed chants to share with your students. (pg. 38- 39)

Dramatic Play: this section includes ideas for setting up your dramatic play area as a farm and labels to use in this area .(pg.40- 42)

 And, in case you missed it yesterday, check out my Friday Freebie for teacher week!--An Environmental Print book!


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A Teacher Without a Class said...

The barn is absolutely amazing. I am sure it is loved--but it still looks like it is in great shape!

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