Monday, August 27, 2012

Classroom Jobs

We all do things in our classrooms like classroom jobs, calendar, behavior clip charts, and so on. But how do we all do them?! Last year, I used some cabinet space to display my classroom jobs. It worked far as calendar time was concerned. After that, I couldn't see them when I needed to! I knew this year, I had to find a new spot for them.

This was last years display. I added command hooks under the headers and hung a fish with a students name on the hook. It worked well, I just couldn't see it and always had to walk over to the cubbies to check who had what job!

I made new signs and posted these along the top of my calendar/greeting time bulletin board. 

Knowing that my student population was changing, I decided to add PECS pictures to my job chart. PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System and it has become a well known communication system for those with autism, as well as, other students with communication disabilities. You can use any type of image to represent as a PEC. I used my images from Pyramid Educational Consultants (the founders of PECS), but you can find them elsewhere as well.

I love how they turned out! I simply added some velcro to the boxes on the page to place the student's name tags for who ever has that job that day. I will be able to see the signs whenever I need to; greeting time, snack time, dismissal, etc. [I also LOVE the chevron borders I used--found at Teaching In a Small Town]

I wish I could share these with you, but unfortunately due to the copyright on the PECS I used, I cannot! Bummer! (I even emailed them and tried asking for permission)
 But I still wanted to share the idea with you--just for inspiration!

How do you do classroom jobs in your classroom?


Katherine said...

Love them Erin! :)

Miss Kindergarten said...

You are such a great teacher!! Are you ready for your new year?!

Erin Lukas said...

Thanks guys!! Yes, Hadar--the classroom is ready to go! I have some organizing to do for my student data binders still, but other than that, I'm ready to get started! They don't start until September 10th! Kindergarten started today though and I was helping in a classroom--loved seeing the first day from a kindergarten perspective!

Special Teacher for Special Kids said...

Great idea using PECS. I do not have my class yet, they are still being placed. I won't know my students until they arrive at my door. I noticed the alaphabet chart on top. Is that something you made too?


lulustudio said...

No, the alphabet on the top I found on Teachers Pay Teachers here:

Erin Lukas said...

Oh my goodness!! I just realized that when I commented last night, I was signed in under a client doing a blog design!! That's a first!! My apologies!

Unknown said...

Visability has always been an issue for me too. I find myself going -- paper passer..paper passer...WHO is the paper passer!? I am still trying to decide on a better viability spot for the year too.

❤ -Stephanie
Falling Into First

jillytacy said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I needed to make job charts for my classroom using PECS as well. I used your idea and created signs with polka dot borders. I like how they turned out. Thanks again for sharing your job signs and inspiring me.

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