Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Sticker Organization & Freebie

There are so many sticker organization ideas out there. I fell in love with Hadar's method last summer, but I don't think I have anywhere to hang such a thing. [Nor do I have that many stickers!!] 

Here I am stealing Hadar's pictures again...

This summer I fell in love with this idea at Kinder- Craze

How ADORABLE is that box! She made it with scrapbook paper! It's a shoebox! This idea was my inspiration to finally take the plunge and organize my stickers. The fact that I also bought close to a gazillion stickers this summer also has something to do with it...

First things first. ORGANIZE YOUR STICKERS.

I decided to organize mine in a large note card box. [I guess that's what you call those things] It was black when when I bought it, but I spray painted it light blue.

I also created and laminated a small label for the front of my box. I used A-Z card guides. Guess what. They are BLANK on the back. PERFECT. I created labels for each section and laminated them onto the cards for even more durability.

And voila--sticker organization! You can easily simplify this project by not painting your box, not labeling your cards with large labels, and not laminating your cards. I love having them in this box. Now I can easily move them around to wherever I am working and have all my stickers available-- I might get one student to do back flips for a Hello Kitty sticker, meanwhile the other student could need some sport stickers.

If you want the labels I used, you can download them in a powerpoint for free on TpT. This way you can edit them to add what categories you need.



The Colorful Apple said...

What a great idea! My sticker box is one of the only things that isn't organized in my classroom - I have to get on that! Thanks for the freebie!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Kerri Buckner said...

Love this idea. I have had all my stickers in a expandable file since I started teaching but I was going through it yesterday and it is over flowing. I like these ideas. Thanks for sharing.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Miss Kindergarten said...

Ooh I love it! And it's not my fault that I'm a sticker hoarder!!! Lol

Storie said...

I love new organization ideas. Thank you for sharing this one!
Stories by Storie

Michaela May said...

What a great idea!! I never would have thought about doing this!! Since I won't be using a teacher desk this year I need somewhere to keep these types of things organized!! Love it!!!

CDNKTeacher said...

Thank you! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Great idea...thanks for the freebie!

Love, Luck and Laughter said...

I am nominating you for an award! I just love your blog! Your ideas are SO CUTE!

Come and pick up your award! :)

Rachel Seymour said...

What a great idea! Mine are all just sitting in a basket! This is so cute and would work so much better.

Thanks for sharing! :)


A Teacher Without a Class said...

Wow--that is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

Emily said...

I organize mine the same way! Loving the labels though, and I never thought of spray-painting my ugly black box!

Just Wild About Teaching said...

this is soooo cute thanks for the freebie =)

Just Wild About Teaching

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