Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Teacher Magnets

Welp--I took a week off from blogging. I spent some family vacation time in OBX this week without the internet. I hope you didn't miss me too much. But while I was gone, a special package came! I have been impatiently waiting to share this with you, but needed the actual item first!

Teacher Information Magnets!
I know you could really find that info if you wanted to, but hey, I don't need to broadcast it! :)

I saw someone do this last year, and I absolutely loved the idea. Then I remembered that *great* site I read about a lot. VistaPrint! I went to their website and sure enough, I found a *great* deal on "business card magnets"--I could get 25 of them for FREE!

I only have 10 students this year, so that is perfect! They offer lots of customizable options, which I played around with a lot. I finally decided that I just wanted to upload my own images to match the information packets I was sending home this year.

They got me at checkout when I found out that each uploaded image cost $3.47 but I was too in love with my design by that point. And hey--they were FREE to start!

I was pretty impressed with the quality too! Head over to VistaPrint now--hopefully you still have time to get your order in before your school year starts!

I hope my students' parents find this to be an easy way to keep track of my information and find it quick and easy when they need it!


Becky said...

I made these this year too! Well, I made my design, I don't have the magnets yet.

Lesson plans & Lattes

meghan said...

Your magnets came out really cute!

Third Grade in the First State

A Teacher Without a Class said...

Awesome. I love them as a parent and as teacher!

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