Thursday, March 07, 2013

Let's Learn Shapes!--New Unit

I know I may have mentioned that my bears unit would be up next, but my creative juices were just flowing more in the direction of a shapes unit, so that one got finished first. I promise the bears unit is in the works though--just stick around!

I've had several requests for a shapes unit like my Let's Learn Colors unit. I did in fact have this in the back of my mind and when I found myself searching for shape activities on TpT 2 weeks ago I decided I would get started on that unit!

This unit has all of the same activities as my Let's Learn Colors unit, except for Bingo. There is no bingo game in this unit. I'm going to be an honest and just tell you-- I don't enjoy making bingo games. There. I said it. That's why it's not in this unit.

But I have added extra activities to this unit- patterns and an I have, Who has game.

This unit is also aligned with Teaching Strategies Gold Standards. Kinder teachers-- I'd love your feedback on whether or not TSG is easily re-aligned with CCS. As in, can you read the TSG objective and easily and quickly identify a comparable CCS standard? I'm just curious! :)

Here is what is included in this unit:

Vocabulary Cards: vocabulary cards for each shape. Includes diamond and rhombus (pg. 4- 7)

Shapes Interactive Book: Cut out these pages, and the interactive cards. Laminate. Apply velcro for attaching interactive pieces. Use rings, or a binding machine to create the booklet Great for assessing shapes with students with low expressive communication. (pg. 8- 14)

Shape Mini Posters: Use these shape mini posters to display in your classroom all year long or while you are working on reinforcing/identifying shapes. (pg. 15- 27)

Shape Counting Cards: Count the number of shapes on each card. Fill in the number, and the shape word to complete the sentence. Use the recording sheet to have students record their answers. (pg. 28- 36)

Shape Memory Game: Flip these cards over to play a memory game, or lay them all out facing up to see which students can simply match 2 of the same shape. Print 2 copies of the cards. Use the vocabulary cards as headers, and use the cards for sorting shapes, or use the posters for a sorting activity. (pg. 37- 40)

Shape Word Missing Letter: Fill in the missing letters for each shape word. Record the word on the recording sheet. Students can use dry erase markers, or you can cut out the letter cards included. (pg. 41- 46)

Shape Patterns: Look at the pattern cards, used the shapes to finish the patterns. I suggest using Velcro to help with this activity. Use the blank cards to have students use the shapes and make their own patterns. Print off several copies of the shape pieces. Shapes are included for both sized patterns. AB & ABC included. (pg. 47- 53)

I Have, Who Has Shape Game: Cards for the well known, I have, Who Has game. Students read off the shape they have, and then the shape they are looking for. Excellent for practicing identifying shapes & listening. (pg. 54- 56

You can see the TSG objectives in a preview image on TpT.

Click here to check out the listing or purchase this unit!

P.S. I should also be sure to mention that I have included text for both rhombus and diamond. I teach diamond in pre-k. I'm sorry all you K teachers that are cringing because I just said that. When you are a big kindergartener, you can use the word rhombus. 

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