Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday Linky

I was so excited when I did Five for Friday. Then......I forgot. I think I only linked up once or twice! I am NOT forgetting this week. Just to make sure of that, I started this post on Monday & I wrote it down in my planner for Friday.

I think maybe starting to plan out my blog posts ahead of time is good thing. I keep writing when I want to do what posts in my planner. Seriously though, like I need ONE MORE THING to keep track of in my planner. I digress.

Back to the topic...Five for Friday!

1. Top Knot Party!

I don't know why I called this a party. Thank you to the little blogger that is Fancy Ashley who made me feel like my top knot was not just acceptable in the home, but in public too. It's perfect for super hot summer school days. Sorry if you disagree on it's "acceptable-ness"

2. Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

These are little packets of deliciousness, let me tell you. Love Nutella? Eating Clean? These are for you! NO preservatives or chemical additives/flavorings. I'm sure these taste great on apples, bananas, even toast. I'm yet to eat one not straight from the packet... great afternoon pick me up :D

3. Clean Eating Chicken Bowl

I posted this on my personal instagram and my creating and teaching one and had people ask for the recipe. Well, there isn't really a recipe. It's clean eating, so it's everything you see in the picture! Chicken, corn, tomatoes, black beans, and avocado. Chipotle ain't got nothin on me.

4. About Time Protein Powder

Sorry all I ever talk about is food now. I'm pretty excited for this. With clean eating, protein powder is out of the question, HOWEVER, I came across this this week and it's 100% natural protein powder with only 4 ingredients. Hardcore clean eaters might still say so, but it's the better of the choices. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking forward to it! I love that the website lets you order single serving trial packs of their flavors. I of course have a love affair with Birthday Cake flavor anything, so I'm most excited about that one.
5. New Bathing Suit

Pretty sure it's impossible to go into Target and only walk out with exactly the only things you went in for. Their swimwear was buy 1 piece, get another 50% off. I love to mix and match and thought this orange and turquoise was a fun combo!

Have you linked up for Five for Friday? If not, what are you waiting for! (Besides maybe for the day to be more than half over!)

P.S. if my blog starts to look a little wonky over the next few days I'm sorry. The design bug has bit me again. (go figure) and I've been having problems editing my CSS so I'm planning on completing wiping out all html adjustments I've made. This scares me, but I'm prepared for it. (i think)


Brandee Green said...

The chicken bowl looks delish! :)I love your bloglovin sign. I'm a follower. :)
Creating Lifelong Learners

Kristin said...

Love love love your topknot - you are adorable!!
You make me want to eat clean. And since I am a fan of artificial flavorings and preservatives, I'll let you rock that bikini and I'll stay wrapped up in my towel!! :)
PS Your blog looks AMAZING.

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