Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dollar Saving Teachers {Part 3}

I fell a day behind and wasn't able to get a post together for yesterday. Thank you Southwest for the cancelled flight Tuesday afternoon. I would be more flustered, however, you gave me a voucher and I got to spend another day visiting family, but I digress.

Any who, I have more ideas to share with you! Imagine that! This is post 3 of 5, just so you know. I have 2 more dollar saving ideas up my sleeve!

Every time I enter the dollar store I am typically in what I call "task bin mode." The gears are turning while I examine their shelves. How can I use that? Can I use that in a task box? So many of the task box activities I put together are thanks to dollar stores. Endless possibilities!

I found these containers that came in a pack of 2, and in 4 different colors. Perfect for sorting or counting. So I combined them with these foam blocks from Teacher Created Resources. I was able to make two different tasks with the amount of blocks and containers I had.

First task: Sort by letter.

I labeled four different containers with a letter. (using the scraps from my cookie tray project) And then using a sharpie, labeled 5 blocks with each letter. Voila, task box done! These containers should be fairly easy for the students to open and close independently too.

Second task: Counting.

Again, using the scraps from my cookie tray project, I labeled each container with a number 1-4. Then the students simply put that number of cubes in each container. Simple, simple. And I had the perfect amount of cubes left to put this activity together after the letter sorting.

So the total price breakdown for creating these two task boxes:

8 flip top containers: $4 at $1/2pack
TCR foam cubes: $5.99 for a 30 pack
Total price: $10

I hope to get my ducks in a row and be back with {par 4} tomorrow! 



Glimmers of learning said...

Dd you get the containers at the dollar tree?

Anonymous said...

Love those containers! Dollar Tree? I'm going to have to look for them!


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